It’s funny how a chance remark in the right place at the right time can start a chain of events that might well prove to be rather momentous.  Because that’s what happened when the Mayor of Bouteville, in the region of Grande Champagne, mentioned how often the vineyards in the area were photographed.

Will the Cognac Vineyards Qualify for UNESCO World Heritage Status ?

His remark sparked a thought that these images, which are reproduced worldwide, might well prove the basis for the regions vineyards to qualify for World Heritage status.  The BNIC, along with the various regions of the Charente and president of the West Charente, Jerome Sourisseau, have come together with an ambitious plan to gain the three wine producing regions of the Charente Maritime UNESCO recognition.

Application to submit to UNESCO

In December this ‘chance remark’ was discussed in all seriousness, and a small committee was elected.  The group consists of the BNIC, the Regional Tourist Board and the three areas of the Charente Maritime.  In the coming weeks the committee will weigh up the pros and cons of the idea and, if viable, will put together a formal application to submit to UNESCO.

Although still in the hypothetical stage, Mr Sourisseau has already come up with a name for the project – which is  l’Expérience Cognac.


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Will the Cognac Vineyards Qualify for UNESCO World Heritage Status ?

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