Here’s an interesting combination to hit the market: A combination of vodka, cognac, and peach. It’s the latest product by Twenty Grand Vodka, a brand that hit the shelves in 2013 with their first spirit of the same name.

New Product: Twenty Grand Peach – Vodka with Cognac

Made in France, Twenty Grand Vodka Peach Expression, as the new spirit is called, combines winter wheat vodka with VS cognac and ‘delectable, natural peach flavors’. The bottle it’s presented in is also a new design for the company.

New Product: Twenty Grand Peach – Vodka with Cognac

Peach Expression joins the brands other two products, Twenty Grand Vodka Cold and also Twenty Grand Vodka Cognac – a vodka infused with the taste of cognac.

The new peach expression will be rolled out across the US and available nationwide by the end of October. It will retail at around $29.99 US dollars for a 750 ml bottle.

New Product: Twenty Grand Peach – Vodka with Cognac


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New Product: Twenty Grand Peach – Vodka with Cognac

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    Shannon J.Floyd

    Where can I find your product in St. Louis, MO, 63033

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    kaye white

    I love this drink it is so smooth and sophisticated. Good stuff

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    This peach vodka cognac bleaND is so smooth… you gotta watch yourself.
    Love it.

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