As we recently reported, tome of the oldest cognacs from the iconic collection owned by Parisian restaurant, La Tour d’Argent, were auctioned yesterday in London.

The auction, hosted by prestigious auctioneer sum, Christies, drew global interest.  And in particular by renowned Dutch liquor collector, Bay Van Der Blunt.

Cognac 1788 Clos de Griffier

It was he who, despite having recently made the announcement to sell off his world beating collection of old liquor, who snapped up all six bottles of the per-revolutionary Cognac, Vieux Cognac Grande Champagne Fine ‘Clos de Griffier’ Cafe Anglais 1788.

In fact, you may well remember that a bottle of the very same was accidentally smashed earlier this year at the famous London Playboy club – much to the chagrin of cocktail maestro, Salvatore Calabrese.

Mr Bay van der Bunt with 1789 Curlier Sophie_Mutevelian

Of his latest purchase, Van der Blunt said,
“Although I promised my wife Ria I would sell my collection, to add the last remaining bottles from the year 1788 to my collection was an opportunity I could not let pass by.”

And not satisfied with just this purchase,Blunt also was the highest bidder for two jeroboams of Grande Fine Champagne Cognac ‘La Tour d’Argent’ 1805′ for an impressive £23,000 each.
These rare and expensive bottles have all been stored in the dark cellars of La Tour d’Argent for over two centuries, surviving booth World Wars. In fact, the owner during World War II, Claude Terrail, save his prized collection from the occupying Germans by literally walling up the cellar.
This is not the first time the restaurant has sold off a number of its treasures. The current owner, Andre Terrail, sold 18,000 bottles in 2009. The resulting 1.5 million euros raised was used to finance the purchase of newer vintages.

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Tour D'Argent Oldest Cognacs Added to World's Largest Old Liquor Collection

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