Here comes Cognac Expert’s Top10 lists of the “coolest” Cognacs of 2011. Of course “cool” maybe a strange definition you may think – but hey, it’s always a matter of taste. So please don’t feel offended if your favourite Cognac isn’t in this list and add yours via the comments at the bottom. So we are looking at the “cool” cognacs, that are going to be trend-creating, innovative – the products that are going to hit the right vibe in 2011.

The Top 10 Cognacs 2011

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Which Cognac, Brandy, Liqueur is going to be the coolest in 2011?

There is lots of movement in the cognac world so let’s sum it up: Chinese cognac cocktail drinkers go to Versailles, tasting green tea with eaux-de-vie, listening to Ludacris‘ rap music, jumping into a swimming pool filled with ‘Punch’, after saluting the ‘Comandonte’, ending up in the garden where a music newcomer festival takes place, with Remy Martin labeled barrels standing around, that are filled with unaged clear brandy – and everyone is waiting for Dr. Dre.

Wait! First want to read an article about What Cognac actually is?

Here is our Top10 list.

  1. Conjure Cognac … because Ludacris and Kim Birkedal-Hartmann are in the house. Simple as that. A great launch in the US speaks for itself.  More about  Conjure Cognac
  2. Remy Martin V … because it’s highly mixable, a clear vodka-like spirit and a clever, clever, clever move to use the brand of a high-end cognac producer to produce a brandy, that is not a cognac.  Read more about the House of Remy Martin Cognac
  3. ABK6 … because they have a modern approach to design and taste, win the most awards, are a sympathetic family business and have a Dr. Dre cognac in the pipeline. More about ABK6
  4. So Yang … it’s not a cognac, but made with Cognac. Because it’s the only one that combines the Chinese market, a female Chinese RnB spokesperson, the cocktail trend, the wellness trend and women as a targetgroup. Wow.  Find out more about  So Yang
  5. Comandon … because they are rebooting the brand, support several music events, were nominated as 1/12 hottest spirits and have a cocktail called ‘Comandonte’. What a cool name. Read more about Comandon Cognac
  6. De Luze … because they are about to reposition their brand in a solid way, have huge production capacities and a great balance of family tradition and modern ideas, plus a website that feels like poetry. Read more about the  Cognac House De Luze
  7. Courvoisier Exclusif … because Charles Dickens was a Courvoisier lover, and the re-invention of the “Punch” Cocktail is a great deal of contemporary consumption, story telling and tradition.  Find more informations about  Courvoisier Cognac
  8. Martell … because they understand to market their Cognacs in Asia and help restoring historic interiors in Versailles, the birthplace of modern gastronomy.Read about Martell Cognac
  9. Hennessy Black Cognac … because they combine the right events with their brand ‘Artistry’ in a very smart way, are about to test the European market to re-introduce Cognac to Europe as a piece of the HipHop world (which again is a cultural import),  starting with the difficult cognac market of Germany. Read more about Hennessy Cognac
  10. Rastignac … because the Chateau des Plassons is a great small family company with two young brothers managing it with their father, there has to be another smaller producer in this list, and the XO is a masterpiece. Read more articles about Rastignac

We forgot your favourite brand, or you think there should be a no. 11 and no. 12?

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Top Ten 2011 Cognac, Brandy and Liqueur list: The coolest products for the next year

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Max is a spirits expert and speaker, into marketing, technology, startups, and business development. He’s also a farmer. He likes tools and machines, Game of Thrones, and Better Call Saul. Included in his Top 10 Cognacs are the Audry XO and Bache Gabrielsen 1973.Max founded Cognac Expert in 2010 at his family’s estate in Poullignac, in the Cognac region, France. Started as a blog, today Cognac Expert is the world’s largest website about all things Cognac, a blog, and a specialized online shop featuring 800+ different Cognac bottles.


  1. Avatar

    What about Landy? Isn’t this also a 2011 winner.. With snoop dogg pushing the brand in the US!?

  2. Avatar

    Conjure by the way also got a 92 rating at Wine Enthusiast. I heard people saying it’s with caramel but I think it’s just fine!!

  3. Avatar

    Hine! Hine… timeless cognac and much COOLER than those new products!

  4. Avatar

    Where can I find (ie. buy) Conjure, Remy V, and Comandon, in… the city of Cognac ? (or in France ?!)
    Santé !

  5. Avatar

    Hello Cognac experts, cool the rating of the coolest, I hope that one day the taste and the way the brand talks to the intelligence of the consumer rather than the latest marketing gadget and b.s’messages will be mentionned. Enjoy yr cognac, cognac lovers!!!.O

  6. Avatar
    Cognac Expert

    A producer wrote to us:

    In my own opinion, it’s very great that cognac trades like Braastad-Tiffon
    (Conjure) or ABK6 spend energy and money to make events or partnerships with
    pop stars (and it’s great that organisations like cognac expert relieve
    it!). Ultimately, it promotes “cognac”, and brings consumers to appreciate
    the wonderful product, and, probably, to know more about it and others
    quality producers.

    In one word: each time it speak about cognac, it’s good for the all cognac
    producers! So, once more, thank you very much for your work!

  7. Avatar
    Ole in Oslo

    On Olivier Blanc’s comment (Dec 8, 2010): This is the response from a real expert and a great producer (without the need for adding color and sugar).

  8. Avatar

    I believe that the coolest, the rarest and most limited cognacs by Italian Fashion Designer and an International Icon GIORGIO GUCCI under his new label GIORGIO G are the new best thing. His name is synonimous with quality. His cognacs are serial numbered and are engraved with 24 K gold-very limited.

  9. Avatar
    Cigar Ole

    “His cognacs are serial numbered and are engraved with 24 K gold-very limited.”

    Do you think the gold increase or reduce the amount left the producer may spend on the content of the bottle?
    When Hennesy and Martell spend millions on advertising, nice designerbottles and with the owners wanting return on their investment, how much is left for the quality of the product…

  10. Avatar

    So, if you don’t market your cognac with hip-hop/rapper endorsements, then you better market it as a mixed drink? Sounds like the audience knows nothing!

  11. Avatar

    This is great! I’m so happy to find a blog about cognacs.

    One quick question. I just bought a bottle of Bache Gabrielsen and absolute love it. What’s your opinion on that brand? I see here some cognacs marketed in the Hip-Hop entertainment world and frankly some of those brands weren’t to my liking. But maybe my palate isn’t formed yet. What are your thoughts on Bache?

  12. Avatar

    You don’t Seraphin Cognac on your list???
    The product is very smooth

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  14. Avatar
    Ole in Oslo

    “The product is smooth…”
    “The bottle is fantastic…”

    For the new-rich chinese cognac drinkers, they add coca-cola. They have learned from Hennesy- adding tonic to the cognac is fine as an aperitif! As long as you buy Hennesy cognac, of course! Or Remy Martin, etc.

    So what is a quality cognac?
    High price?
    Renowned brand like Martell?

    One thing is for sure.
    Lamborghini is a nice car.
    I never drove one. Before buying a sports car, would you listen to me or the guy who had driven them all, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, etc.?
    Before getting into a discussion on critera for a good product, references are important!

    Would you buy a rifle from a nurse or the regular hunter?
    (Sorry nurses, I will take your advice in a number of other issues!)

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