Trading figures for 2011 show that whilst France (along with the rest of the world) is showing a deficit in trading figures, certain areas of trade are up.  So whilst the export of pharmaceutical products is down, the trade in luxury goods such as high end luggage and cognac are rapidly increasing.

French Export and Cognac

Cognac is Top Export

France’s top exports in 2010 are as follows

  1. Aeronautics – up 14.4% at 18 billion euros
  2. The wine and spirit industry – including, of course, cognac.  Exports in this field were up 21.5% on 2009 with a total figure of 7.9 billion euros
  3. Cosmetics and fragrances – up 10% to 7.6 billion euros

France’s largest export market is still to other countries in the European Union, followed by Asia and the USA. The Cognac export is doing quite well recently, see our article on latest sales and shipment figures here.


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Luxury Goods, including Cognac are some of France’s Top Exports

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