It’s basically summer. So let’s get prepared and have a look at the list of new cognacs and drinks that are made with cognac or grapes from the region, which should fit into hot summer days.

The Top 7 Summer Cognacs & Drinks (click on picture for bigger)

1. Courvoisier ROSÉ

Is a drink that consists of Cognac and red wine. It just got its international launch. More information here. If you would like to know more about the house of Courvoisier, and discover their other bottles, see here.

2. Hedonist

Hedonist is a blend of VS Cognac and Ginger and vanilla. It is not out yet, but soon to be launched. Read the article about Hedonist, here.

3. ABK6 ICE Cognac

Ice Cognac from the house of ABK6 is a brown cognac (not white) that is consumed on the rocks. This bottle is the Marie-Antoinette of the cognacs. More information about ICE here, and about the house of ABK6, here.

4. Godet Antarctica

Godet Antarctica you drink of course cold (freezer), with ice as an option. It’s a 100% Folle Blanche grape variety cognac. Find information about the house of Godet, here – and about Antarctica, here.

5. Bache-Gabrielsen’s “Gabrielsen Teki Latex”

A cognac that is promoted by a music artist Teki Latex, a special edition and part of the Pure & Rustic edition. Read the article about the new bottle here, and about Bache-Gabrielsen here.

6. Hennessy Classivm

A bottle that only exists in Asia and looks for a nightlife/lifestyle audience. It is sure to be a big drink this summer in Hong Kong and China. Read about it here. All about Hennessy, here.

7. White Wolf

White Wolf is a clear spirit, based on grapes from the Charente region, Cognac country. It’s produced by the Distillerie Lacroix. Read about this Wolf, here.

We forgot a great summer cognac? Tell us! Please use the comments below.

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Top 7 New Cognacs & Bottles for the Summer of 2011

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