In Cognac Expert’s section “You’ve got a bottle?” readers can send us photos of their bottles to get more background infos. This time we received this great J&F Martell Cognac VS bottle. We already have the VSOP of J&F Martell in the section (see below at Related Posts). Our reader is looking for any further information such as price, value or similar.

(If you also have a bottle you would like to submit photos, please use our form)

JF Martell VS
The markings on the tax strip say:

Park & Tilford Import Company

New York, NY
Martell’s Three Star Cognac Brandy
bottle neck VS J&F Martell
Only the last six numbers are readable. They are: 351533
The label says:
Cognac Brandy
Trademark on Capsules & Cases
J&F Martell
Product of France
label Park Tilford
Further, it’s Martell’s name on the bottle and a 84 proof.
Cork J&F Martell

Below that, the importer’s section:

Park & Tilford Import Corporation
New York, NY
Sole Import Agents For U. S. A.

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Three Star J&F Martell Cognac VS

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  1. Avatar
    alex sgroi

    I have a bottle, #37-1670390, can you tell me how much it is worth?
    Alex Sgroi

  2. Avatar

    Hi, this bottle seems to be from the period 1900-1920 with the lead capsule seal. Unfortunately the most common of the older Martell’s and therefore worth about 150-200 Euro’s only (VOP from this period would be 5-6 times more expensive).

  3. Avatar

    If you would like to sale at [email protected].xxx (Comment by Admin: Dear James, please make your offer here in this post, rather than posting your email address. Thank you for your understanding)

  4. Avatar
    Mark Rotherforth

    Hello, i have a 35cl bottle of 3 star J & E Martell Very Old Pale Cognac, it is 70 proof and looks like it could be from the 50’s, 60’s. it has a reaaly odd bottle cap, its got a wire seal holding the cap on, if i sent you a few pictures from home could tell me if it will be ok to drink? looks really old but has no year or serial number anywhere on the bottle.
    thank you for your time,

  5. Avatar
    Stephanie Helfenbein

    We have a bottle of J & F Martell V.S.O.P Metallion Cognac with the seal on the cap which says “Brown-Vinters Company New Your, N.Y. and a number with 221704521” That has never been opened. It is 80 Proof and is 4/5 of a quart. Can anybody tell me what it would be worth?

  6. Avatar

    I have a bottle of J&F Martell three star Cognac. Distributed by Brown-Vinters Co. Inc. New York,NY. It is full and is sealed with a metal wire.
    Can you please tell me the age and value?
    Thank you

  7. Avatar
    Paul Tench

    I have a bootle of J E Martell very old pale Cognac 70 percent proof from about 1950s, should I drink or keep Wire top leeking slightly.

  8. Avatar

    I have several unopened bottles of E. Remy Martin & Co, Cognac. On the neck is a label that says VSOP Fine Champagne, 20 years old. Further the bottle indicates it is imported by Browwne Vintners Company Inc., 50 Rockefeller Plaza, NY, NY. The number on the tax strip reads 36-3824675. It is 4/5 a quart and 80 proof. What do you know about this? What might it be worth?

  9. Avatar

    Oops, forgot to add that the bottles have a State of Illinois label (shaped like the state!) that indicates taxp paid at the rate of 50 cents per gallon. Some are in the corrugated cardboard sleeve. Thank you again.

  10. Avatar

    I have a bottle 80 proof martell cordon bleu cognac of france number 54377127 states of ny but red sticker states the jos. garmeau co. louisville, kentucky is anyone interested in buying this bottle or value

  11. Avatar

    hi, i have a bottle of martell that i cant find on the internet it has a gold coin on front and the entire shoulder on up the bottle is gold. it has raised gold letters that say cognac l’or de j&f martell fondee en 1715. on the back label it says lawrenceburg in. can you tell me what its worth ?

  12. Avatar

    If you want to sell .

    Please contact .. // (Comment by admin: Please first place an offer, later on you may communicate via email. We are trying to make this more transparent for everyone here. Thank you.)

    Thanks !

  13. Avatar

    I have a bottle of J & F Martell VS Three Star Cognac. Never opened. Litre. The writing on the bottle is all in French. Could someone please give me a price for the bottle. I would love to sell it to you! I think it is from 1981 to 1983 but I am not sure. Could possibly be earlier….
    I have been searching the web for prices and who to sell this to with not much luck.
    Thank you so much for your assistance!

  14. Avatar

    I found a 1/2 pint bottle of J&F Martell with the serial number 141773144 while looking through my grandfather’s basement. I’m really interested in finding out when this bottle was produced and also interested in its worth. If anyone could tell me more about the bottle, I’d really appreciate it.

  15. Avatar

    I have an unopened bottle of Park and Tilford dated 1962 It is a 4-12 year blend of rye whiskey..labels and cap in excellent shape…Can anyone tell me if it is worth anything or should I just drink it ??

  16. Avatar
    Lawrence B

    I have a bottle of J & F Martell Cognac with the seal on the cap which says “The Jos. Garneau Co. Louisville, Ky. and a number with 293149554″ That has never been opened. It is 80 Proof and is 4/5 of a quart. Can anybody tell me what it would be worth? I believe it was purchased over 40 years ago, most likely in 1971.

  17. Avatar

    The picture above is not of a 1900-1920 Martell ***. The spring cap is clearly visible which makes it a post-1935 bottle. The red diagonal “Product of France” text on the label was used on US bottles in the late 1940s. I would also expect this bottle to have the legal statement regarding reuse cast into the glass?
    This a 1947-1950 bottle that has taken quite a bit of abuse. Value about $175.

  18. Avatar

    I am very interested in your old Remy Martin VSOP bottles. Can you provide pictures to Sebastian so he can post them or forward them to me.

  19. Avatar
    William Kolarsick

    I have a J&F Martell Cognac 3 star 84 proof Wisconsin sale tax sticker0078367 75 number on the cap 50643094 New York NY. Can you tell me anything about this bottle. I have had it for over 30 years. I trade it for a flag I had from WW11. Can you tell me what is is worth and can I drink it. I think it has been kept at room temperature say 78 degrees. I am going on a road trip with my buddy and it will be 10 years ago that he gave me a kidney so I thought it would be a great time to drink it. Thanks Bill

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