A rather unusual bottle: A shoe, a cigar, a motorcycle… and other funny bottling and packaging ideas. This is what I lately discovered.

When I was at the Angouleme (Charente) train station some days ago, I found something I never noticed before! There is a shop in front of the gare: “Produits du département” it says on the rather ugly little building. Of course, I directly had a look.

shop at Angouleme trainstationAngouleme Train station

All kind of different bottles, Pineau, Cognac, wine and more. And then I found those crazy bottles, obviously for tourists but also really interesting to me. And then this soccer shoe! It must be the official merchandising idea of the FIFA for the world cup in South Africa in 2010… no it’s not. And it’s not even Cognac but Pineau. Is that a good idea? Because Pineau in general is more something for female consumers, especially when it comes to tourists.

not the Fifa Worldcup South Africa 2010 Cognac...

So they should have filled the shoe and the funny motorcycle with Cognac, and the parfum-like flacons and the lady’s shoes with Pineau. Anyway, this Pineau comes in a beautiful shoe and costs €45. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out which brand it’s from. The shop was closed.

the shoe bottle filled with Pineau

And there are also these cigar-like little bottles –  three different Pineau vieux, rouge and young; for € 90,80. That’s quite a price.

cigar like cognac bottle

And not to forget: The Easy Rider of eaux-de-vie, the motorcycle bottle. A must for every rider? Dennis Hopper would have loved this original bottle.

Dennis Hopper is not dead

And here again, you find an interesting three-part bottle. I believe the middle part is Pineau and the upper and lower parts are filled with Cognac.

parfum or pineau?

Finally let’s have a look at the ‘normal’ boring standard bottles this shop sells: A. De Fussigny, Camus Borderies XO.. and in the middle of those Cognacs a rather small one, Le Maine Giraud Vieille Reserve! Ha! I know those people and I wonder what kind of deal they have with this shop.

A de Fussigny, Camus, Maine Giraud

Once again I notice Maine Giraud’s clever marketing activities around Alfred de Vigny, presenting the bottles together with the person of the famous poet.

However, I think that those funny bottle forms and styles must be a top runner because as we know, packaging and bottling is so important to attract customers.

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The unofficial Cognac of the Fifa World Cup 2010 in South Africa! Original bottles found in Angouleme

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Max is a spirits expert and speaker, into marketing, technology, startups, and business development. He’s also a farmer. He likes tools and machines, Game of Thrones, and Better Call Saul. Included in his Top 10 Cognacs are the Audry XO and Bache Gabrielsen 1973. Max founded Cognac Expert in 2010 at his family’s estate in Poullignac, in the Cognac region, France. Started as a blog, today Cognac Expert is the world’s largest website about all things Cognac, a blog, and a specialized online shop featuring 800+ different Cognac bottles.


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    These bottles are pretty cool. I really love the soccer shoe it is so cute. I would love to get one for my husband, he is a huge soccer fan.

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    Trond Gunnar Olsen


    I really like to buy some of these bottles, can you help me please to do so. A site, an e-mail adress or anything

    With hope

    Trond Gunnar

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