I met this guy the other day at a festival. When he learned that we had a blog about Cognac, he looked at me, raised his eyebrows and asked me: “So do you know this story? It was on TV, four years ago!” What now followed was so convincing – we just had to bring it.

Oh yes, it's about this drink.

He told me this great story:

Four years ago. A hotel in Paris. A light summer evening.

A Russian billionaire rents a whole top star hotel just for him and his friends… they party like wild animals, drink lots of alcohol, get drunk, Champagne and only the best of the best…  The manager already got already slightly annoyed of the behavior of the guests. They were even making fun of him.

Then at one point, the rich Russian asked the manager to get him the most expensive bottle of Cognac the hotel had: A Cognac for 100 000 – 200 000 €. Boom! What an order. Must have been a Hennessy Beaute du Siecle.

So the Russian billionaire buys the bottle, pours everyone a glass, spills… and then pours Coca Cola into every glass! Coke! While doing this, the Russian looks the manager right in the eye. Pure provocation.

The manager can’t believe it.

The crowd parties on, drinks, laughs, eats caviar and comparable luxurious stuff when the manager reappears: With a shotgun in his hand.

Boom! And he just blows the rich ignorant away. Like that.

I'll teach you to drink Cognac!

The French hotel manager went to court, and today is in prison. Apparently there were even people from the Cognac lobby that defended his choice…

Now, is this story true, exegerated or totally out of the blue – we do not know. At least we did not find anything on the web.

If everyone heard about this crazy shoot-out, please comment. And NEVER mix cognac with coke in a fine Parisian hotel.

Source: guy on the street
Pic: mix-shake.com

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    We have certainly heard of a similar experience. About ten years ago we supplied a sizable order to the Burj al Arab in Dubai. One of the cognacs supplied was a very expensive bottle of Massougnes dated around 1800. We were told by the then Chef Somelier that a very attractive lady went into the bar pushing her “sugar daddy” in a wheelchair. Wishing to impress she ordered a shot of the Massougnes and mixed it with 7up and to prove she knew what she was doing ordered a second measure of the prized cognac again with a mesure of 7up. The cognac was sold at the time for about US$1000 per measure. No accounting for taste and the customer is always right!

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    A friend of mine told me about this Paris cognac “event” – but I can’t find any trace on the web…

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