The story about the invention of the Cognac cocktail Sidecar. Dita von Teese plays the hero’s girl.

The great war was over. But the party was just getting started. War heros filled the streets of Paris. Some were making up for lost time, while others were making history

As the story goes, an upstanding officer was driven nightly to the Riz in a motorcycle sidecar. Entering the bar he was anxious to chase the chill of the cold of the night. Cognac would do the trick quite nicely.

The barman started with Cointreau, 1865 Rémy Martin Cognac and finished with a touch of lemon juice. Combining the finest Parisian bar with the finest french ingredients.

Sidecar Cocktail Invent

The sidecar, created in 1923.

PS: the only thing which is really totally out of place in this video is the mustache of the barman.

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The invention of the Cognac cocktail Sidecar - with Dita von Teese (Video)

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    The Sidecar cocktail at the Riz in Paris seems to be the most expensive cocktail in the world..

    Love the mustache, indeed!

  2. Avatar

    Nice clip – Dita is still looking fine – Pity the story of the sidecar isn’t accurate!

    The Sidecar cocktail was first listed in 1922 (not ’23) in Robert Vermiere’s Cocktails: How to Mix Them. The first written explination of the name is found in the COSHOCTON TRIBUNE in May 18th 1923 – described as,
    “Another new cocktail, second only in popularity to the monkey gland, has been named a “side-car,” because it takes the imbiber for a ride. Two-thirds brandy, one-sixth Cointreau and one-sixth lemon juice make up this concoction.”
    Mention of the sidecar story wasn’t until 26 years later (1948) – David A. Embury’s, The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.

    But either way – respect to Cointreau.

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