Louis Royer Cognac has recently launched in India, promoted by a stupendous, star studded glitterati dinner party hosted by the Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers in Chennai.

Attended by some of India’s best known names, the dinner was hosted by the hotel’s general manager, Virender Razdan, and was delighted to be the host for Louis Royer‘s entry into India.

Louis Royer India

Louis Royer’s Master Blender, Laurent Robin, says that the company’s mascot – a small bee in the form of a lapel badge – has a double representation.  Firstly, the original founder of Louis Royer made honey for a hobby, and secondly, it represents how hard everyone in the company works to create their wonderful blends.

Mr Robin is blessed with the responsibility of tasting up to thirty different Cognac varieties on a daily basis – perhaps a job many of us would be happy to help him with!

The company boasts an impressive line up of cognacs, with their premier vintage being the Louis Royer 32 year old Single Cask Grande Champagne Cognac.  The company also markets three specific cognacs which are certified by the Jewish Orthodox Union as being kosher.  These ones are signified by a small OU symbol on the label.  Unlike other spirits, cognac has to go through a special certification process to be considered kosher, because it is made from grapes.

Jean Pierre Damatteo, the technical director for Louis Royer, has re-enforced the point that it is the trade in Asia which is currently fuelling the cognac market, with China in particular bringing in extremely strong sales.

And now that the bee has also landed in India, this Asian trend is only set to continue upwards.

Sources: www.stylegourmet.com, www.thehindu.com
Pic: thehindu.com

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The Bee has Flown to India: Louis Royer enters the market

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