Founded by Abel Tesseron in 1905, Tesseron Cognac specialises in producing high-end cognacs. The youngest cognac they produce is an XO.

The bottles and packaging are designed by Linea, a french design company that made – amongst many others – packing designs for the DEAU XO, DEAU Black and DEAU Louis Memory and the travel retail design for the Léopold Gourmel XO and VSOP Cognacs.

Tesseron Signature

The Signature Collection of Tesseron Cognac includes three different cognacs:

Tesseron XO Passion

Tesseron XO Passion is an Ugni Blanc only blend, consisting of around 30 eaux-de-vies from the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois region.  Each has matured for at least 10 years in oak barrels. It’s described as light and balanced, elegant and floral, with hints of spices.

Tesseron Extra “Légende”

Tesseron Extra “Légende” is a combination of Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grapes, using eaux-de-vies solely from Cognacs’s Premier Cru region, Grande Champagne. A special characteristic of this cognac is that every one of the blend of eaux-de-vies were matured in cellars with different humidity levels.

Tesseron Signature Tresor

Tesseron Tresor

The Tesseron Tresor Cognac is the flagship of the Signature series, limited to 3000 bottles. It’s made from Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche grapes.  And as for the “Légende”, there are also some eaux-de-vies from the grande champagne region in the blend.

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Tesseron Signature Collection

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