At a production rate of only 300 of the 1.75 litre bottles per year, the chances of getting your hands on a bottle of Tesseron Extreme is fairly slim.  And at $4000 per bottle, and with around 70 per cent of them being sold to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, this certainly gives proof (if further was needed), that the higher end cognacs are highly sought after in Asia and the Far East.

Cognac Tesseron Extreme

So what makes a bottle of Tesseron Extreme command such a high price tag?

Well, to understand this you first need to gain an insight into the treasures that lurk in the Tesseron Cognac cellars.

Stored in a crypt of a 12th century abbey in Chateauneuf-sur- Charente, the house of Tesseron guards it’s eaux-de-vie with the tenacity of the fiercest of guard dogs.  And with their oldest cognacs carrying the weight of over 175 years, who can blame them?

Cellar master and master blender, Jacky Martial, is responsible for creating Tesseron Extreme – the house’s oldest blend and a cognac that has only been in production for two years.

Older Cognacs don’t always go together

Although officially an XO, Tesseron Extreme is a blend of cognacs far older than the obligatory 6 years (rising to 10 years in 2016).  It took Martial over a year to create the special blend that make up Extreme, and each of the cognacs that made it into the mix are over 100 years in age.

Tesseron Extreme Cognac

However, it’d not just down to the age of the eaux de vie, because, as Mr Martial says;

“Older Cognacs don’t always go together.  They’re like people who get more opinionated as they age. When you put them all in the same room, their characters may clash.”

35 different eaux-de-vies were in the running, but in the end the Extreme was created from a secret blend of 10 – the oldest being from 1853.  Five trial blends were created, and these were allowed to stand for several months before a final decision was made.

If you’re not in the position to seek out a bottle of Tesseron Extreme, then perhaps you might be interested in their new offering that’s due to be launched at the Asia-Pacific Vinexpo in Hong Kong next month, the Tesseron Royal Blend Cognac.

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Tesseron: A $4000 Bottle of Extreme Cognac

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