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Cognac in China: The Key Factors of Brand Success

As all Cognac enthusiasts are most probably aware of, the market for eaux-de-vie in China is booming.  In fact, between the years of 2009-2010, the market growth for exports to this region grew by an incredible 71 per cent. I was lucky enough to experience quite a real chinese Yam-Sing experience in Monaco - these people love cognac. By the way, did you know? We have a Chinese version of the blog And whilst China lies in third place (behind the US and Singapore) in...
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Cognac in Asia – Will Age Statements Overtake Tradition?

With the Asian market fuelling the current success of cognac, there are rumblings in the world of brandy that perhaps it’s time to start pushing age statements over that of the traditional labelling. David Baker, managing director of Brandy Classics, says that explaining the terms VS, VSOP and XO is both time consuming and difficult for the Asian consumers to understand.  If the cognac market were to label their products in a manner similar to that of whisky, then this...
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Tesseron: A $4000 Bottle of Extreme Cognac

At a production rate of only 300 of the 1.75 litre bottles per year, the chances of getting your hands on a bottle of Tesseron Extreme is fairly slim.  And at $4000 per bottle, and with around 70 per cent of them being sold to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, this certainly gives proof (if further was needed), that the higher end cognacs are highly sought after in Asia and the Far East. So what makes a bottle of...
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Martell Bottles

Pernod Ricard and Martell Cognac on Top Form

Yesterday, 16th February 2012, saw Pernod Ricard announce its best half year figures since the crisis of 2008. With growth turnover up 8 per cent to 4.6 billion euros and net profit up 20 per cent to 820 million euros, the producer of Martell Cognac can thank the bulk of the growth to sales in Asia and the Travel Retail market.  Sales are strong in various Asian countries, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam and India.  This area boasts growth of 15...
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Back to business: +21% in May and +6% in the last 12 months!

1,584 billion Euros of revenue. 140 million bottles of Cognac sold in the last 12 months: Cognac is back in business. Luxury goods are slowly coming back to life. The crisis is over. But is that really true? Yesterday the BNIC published a press release communicating a growth in May 2010 of 20,7 % and in the last 12 months +5,7%. Yes, that is remarkable. But why? If we have a closer look at those figures, we see of course that...
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