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Paradise Found – WWI Ship Wreck Loaded with a Treasure of Cognac

Paradise found. When the Swedish steamship, Kyros, was torpedoed by a German U-boat on May 19, 1917, it’s believed that not only did the ship sink, never to be found, but that it was carrying a precious cargo of cognacs and liqueurs. Never to be found, that is, until now. 1000 bottles of 1917 cognac A diving group, Raumanmeren Hylky-Team, announced yesterday (Thursday 9th February), that they’ve now found Kyros.  Although they’ve not given an exact location, it’s been said that the ship...
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Alko Finland Cognac

Alko Cognac in Finland: Alcohol Monopoly Store List of Cognacs

In Finland there is a so called "monopoly system", like in Sweden. This means that the whole off trade business is runned by the covernment, by monopoly company. Sweden they call this "System Bolaget" and in Finland "Alko". So let's have a look at Cognac in Finland. Split between on and off trade in Finland would be around 15% / 85% (total sales). This gives you the idea how important Alko is in Finland. Only place where you can find products sold...
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Town of Cognac (Porte St Jacques)

Cognac is Truly a Stop on the International Tourist Map

The city of Cognac is, of course, world famous – mainly for the obvious reason of its production of eaux-de-vie.  At a recent General Assembly the visitor figures for 2010 were revealed, showing that over 40% of last year’s 22,000 visitors were foreigners. And whilst it’s a well-known fact that the British love to visit the vineyards, last year saw great increases visits from Americans, Swedes and Norwegians.  These were up 24.3%, 47% and 14.8% respectively. However, what really is exciting...
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House of Kelt Cognac – An ocean voyage for cognac (Video)

KELT Cognac is one example of a cognac house that invests in traditional methods rather than innovative technology. This is just one reason why it's interesting to have a closer look at this producer. Needless to say, the eaux-de-vies used to produce the KELT cognacs come exclusively from grapes grown in the prime cognac region of the Grande Champagne. Please see our article on the 6 cognac areas in the region: The six Cognac Crus, for more information on the...
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Grönstedts’ Royal Wedding Present: National Marriage 2010

Congratulation! Not only a stamp, created for the 'national marriage', but also a Cognac. On June 1, Grönstedts launched a new Cognac on the special occasion of the upcoming royal wedding between Princess Victoria of Sweden and her fiancé Daniel Westling. The big day is set for June 19 and will be held in the Nikolai Church in Stockholm. The date has tradition: Already Victoria’s parents, King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia got married on this day in 1976. The...
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