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Martell invited: Dinner at the Chateau de Versailles, celebrating the restoration of the Queen’s Antechamber

Modern & historic art, Versailles and Cognac: Yesterday evening Martell invited us to a splendid dinner, celebrating the restoration of the Queen's Antechamber, L'Antichambre du Grand Couvert. Martell is sponsor of the Palace of Versailles since 2007. Like nothing else, Versailles stands for an extraordinary culture of gastronomy, art and luxury. So it is more than logic that a cognac brand like Martell gets involved in supporting the world's most famous Chateau. Under the reign of Louis XIV, gastronomy as...
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Restoring Versaille's Antechamber

Martell’s Restoration of the Queen’s Antechamber in Versailles and the Ultimate Dinner

Here comes a big one: One of the four biggest Cognac producers, Martell, sponsors the restoration of the Queen's Antechamber in Versailles - and they are combining it with an event called The Ultimate Dinner. What is the Ultimate Dinner? We do not know yet but we will probably find out on next Monday, October 18th 2010. Cognac Expert will be reporting from Versailles that day. Versailles represents the exquisite perfection that artists and master craftsmen can achieve, and the Palace...
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European Union guideline VS. the Law of King Louis XV ?

Louis XV. and other Kings did not allow to plant new wineyards in the Cognac region... at least there were hard restrictions. But now the European Commision wants to change that. They are planning to completely deregulate the wine sector in Europe - a major reform. The goal is a sustainable and competitive wine sector in Europe. This is why the production structure is supposed to be adapted. For Francois I. and Louis XV., such a threat would have probably...
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Complete History of Cognac: A Long Way to Eau De Vie

The history of Cognac actually starts in the third century. The region and the beverage Cognac has a long history and involves all kind of nations, merchants, kings and aristocrats, natural catastrophes, wars and cold winters. Despite all this, the product kept getting better and better, century after century. Read the full history of Cognac, "the spirit of the gods". The first vines in the region First century: Emperor Titus Flavius Domitianus forbids cultivating wine III. century: Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus...
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