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Hardy: The Haute Couture of Cognac

The love affair between the British and France is hardly a secret (perhaps not reciprocated in many respects). But when it comes to the origins of Hardy Cognac, it’s an England–France union truly made in heaven. Discover our Special with HARDY The Beginning Wind the clock back to the mid-1800s, when an English wine & spirits merchant, Anthony Hardy, sold his wares from the UK capital city of London. Of course, as any good businessman should, he liked to get out in...
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The Cognac Business

China and US Continue to Prop Up Cognac Export Market

It seems that the Chinese thirst for cognac and other high end spirits continues to have peak in sight. It’s thought that approximately 20 million new drinkers coming of age every year is helping to keep the market strong.  The sales of alcoholic beverages in Guizhou province jumped a massive 58.1 per cent in 2011 to US$2.4 billion.  That amounts to an incredible 500,000 kilolitres of alcohol. So the question is as the whether the sales in 2012 will equal or...
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Container ships in Bordeaux

Cognac & Wine Drive French Farm & Food Exports

French exports of farming and food jumped a massive 8.4 per cent in January this year, thanks to sales of cognac and wine to both the U.S and China. After a slight slowdown in December, 2011, January sales once again picked up momentum.  The total exports rose to 4.43 billion euros, up from 4.08 billion euros the previous year.  Of this, 828 million euros was accounted for by cognac, wine and beverage exports, up from 725 million euros over the...
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Hennessy Paradis Imperial

New Hennessy Paradis Impérial Cognac Only Available in Frankfurt (Video)

Hennessy has a new product, the cognac Paradis Impérial has landed. At Frankfurt airport, Germany. Anyone lucky enough to be travelling through Heinemann Duty Free at Frankfurt airport terminal 1B between now and the end of August will be able to purchase a bottle or two of Hennessy’s latest creation, the Paradis Imperial. Christmas Eve 1818 the dowager empress of Russia, Maria Federovna, asked Hennessy to blend a cognac of the most exceptional quality as a present for her son...
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NuSoul club in Frankfurt

Mixable Hennessy Black comes to Europe, launch in Germany: Will this work?

Cognac giant Hennessy now also tries to conquer the European market : Hennessy Black (read our article) is supposed to be positioned in Germany as a mixable nightlife drink. Like they did in the US. Is this the beginning of a European cognac-mixdrink success story? Hennessy claims that Black became the number one drink of generation 25+, and now this trend apparently also comes to Europe. True or wishful thinking? Perhaps it does not "come", but it's created. That would be...
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