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Does Cognac make you FAT?

Now, we all know that Cognac has various health benefits (if consumed in moderation that is!) – not least its ability to help you unwind after a stressful day.  But do we need to worry about how many calories are in a shot of our favorite eaux-de-vie?  Will Cognac make us fat? Okay, okay – if you’re on a strict diet, then yes, everything that passes your lips has to be accounted for.  But in regular life, I don’t think many...
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Tonic Tasting with Cognac: Schweppes, Q and Tomr's

Tonic Tasting: Tomr’s vs. Q Tonic vs. Schweppes

I really love cognac cocktails and longdrinks. One of my favourite tricks: Use a cucumber! It’s great. A simple longdrink with cognac is “Cognac Schweppes” - how the French would call it. But isn’t there a major problem with “Cognac Schweppes”? Yes there seems to be one. Why would one want to use industrial tonic water, produced by Coca Cola to mix with finest artisanal Charente brandy? Rather mix artisanal products with other artisanal products. That seems to make much...
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Pierrette Trichet Cellar Master of Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin Master Blender: Cognac with Coca-Cola? That’s Okay.

The first female cellar master of one of the ‘big four’ - Pierrette Trichet – is certainly not averse to speaking her mind.  And being a woman in what has, until recently, been a distinctly male dominated industry, certainly makes her a force to be reckoned with. Ms Trichet took the top job at Remy Martin in 2003.  However, she’s quick to play not towards her gender, but towards her passion for the spirit, and the continuing legacy of the...
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All changes

New Coca Cola Design Applied to Known Cognacs?

If Coca Cola changes their design in France, then perhaps some cognac brands should also reconsider. Below you see the new red & blue design of Coca Cola in France. 125 years of Coca Cola - a good reason for a change. According to zigonet, the change from old to new packaging of 1,5 and 2 litre bottles (getting all those factories to produce the new bottle shapes, and printing new labels) did or will cost 14 million euros. So this seems...
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Hennessy Black Cognac

Hennessy Black Cognac Review and Price

We finally had the opportunity to taste the "Black Henny".  And no, the Cognac itself is not black (it's just the bottle). This was Hennessy's first major new product on a large scale (launched in 2009). And as Hennessy perfectly understood the relevance of the American market, they called the bottle 'Black'.  It was back in 1961 when Hennessy VS was introduced to the market. Receive Hennessy Black availability alert It’s difficult to find certain cognacs – and this one isn't currently...
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