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Glows in the dark: Martell VSOP La French Touch Limited Edition by DJ Etienne de Crecy

For its 300th anniversary, Martell releases a new 'La French Touch' VSOP Cognac special edition, designed by famous DJ Etienne de Crecy. Buy Le French Touch VSOP. The VSOP bottle will be available in Asian travel retail. There is also another new limited edition bottle of Martell Noblige. Both bottles feature glow-in-the-dark UV effects. The 1 litre VSOP bottle is priced at +$90 Martell VSOP while the Noblige comes in a 700ml bottle, retailing at around $80. The new Martell bottles will be available...
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US Dollar and Cognac Export

Value of Cognac Shipments Rise Despite Less Volume Sold

As we’ve been reporting for the last year or more, the demand for higher quality cognacs (and therefore higher value) continues to rise.  And the latest statistics to the end of July 2013 released by the BNIC have shown that although the volume of cognac exported is slightly down on last year, the value is actually up by 7.3 per cent. This is the fourth consecutive year that the value of shipments have risen, despite the volumes shipped being down...
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Cognac News: Plantation Rights, More Money to Growers & XO Raised to 10 Years

It's a busy, busy time for the cognac industry right now, with important issues coming to pass almost on a daily basis.  And of course, Cognac-Expert do our best to make sure that you're updated on a regular basis with everything is going on. New Plantation Rights We've reported many times over the last year or so about the proposed relaxation of planting rights in the area of Cognac.  From the board room to the vineyards, he arguments for and against...
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US Face of Hennessy, NAS, Performs in Cognac

It’s interesting to see the different faces that promote Cognac in various areas and countries around the world.  In Asia and the Far East you often see glamour, such as the limited edition bottle we saw last year with the collaboration between pop star Jolin Tsai and Remy Martin. But in the US the coolest trend at the moment, and has been for a good while now, is hip hop and rap music.  So it’s no surprise that the largest...
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Cognac & Spirit Sales Reach Record High: But China loses its taste for Scotch

Figures just out show that 2012 was a record year for the exports of French spirits and wines.  Up 10 per cent to 11.2 billion euros, the demand was driven by the Chinese and USA’s penchant in particular for Cognac, Champagne and Burgundy wine. Pernod Ricard have also released figures for the first half of the 2012/2013 year, and these show a healthy 6 per cent net sales growth – although very interestingly sales of Scotch in Asia, and particularly...
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