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1800 Chaloupin Co Cognac bottle

1800’s V. Chaloupin & Co. Cognac or is it 1848?

This time at YOU'VE GOT A BOTTLE?: An empty bottle. Yes! And a 75% visible logo. Normally we do not publish empty bottles, but this time it's too much of a riddle. So let's find out. Please comment if anyone has information of the origin and value of the bottle. Please disregard the other bottle in the photos, the bottle in question is on the (left) and has the red label. Also, on the photo showing the 2 bottle necks with...
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A new Cognac and Cigar lounge in London, with own cocktail creation Ruby Windsor

London hotel Dukes has opened its new Cognac & Cigar garden last week. The Dukes Hotel is situated in a tiny courtyard right at St James’s Place. It's the hotel where Ian Fleming used to stay, I wonder if he got inspired here for James Bond's drinks... The garden offers a full range of cognac, such as brands like Martell and of course Cuban cigars by Hunters & Frankau. The outdoor bar also serves Cognacs like 1811 Napoleon Grande Fine Champagne...
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Bignon Grande Champagne 1800 through an auction

If you have a bottle, too - and don't know where it came from, what its history is like or need to know its market price: Contact us! Just send us the information you have and some pictures and we'll post it here while trying to get some more information about it in the region. If you know about this bottle, please leave a comment below the article! Thanks a lot. Click on the pictures to see them at a bigger...
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