Just in time for Christmas, Remy Cointreau has announced that the French brandy liqueur, St Remy a la Crème, is to be rolled out through Global Travel Retail.

We like the cow!

The drink, a combination of cream and St-Remy French brandy, was originally launched last year in North America as a trial.


Having proved extremely popular, marketing and business development director for Remy Cointreau GTR, Matthew Hodges, says that they’ve decided to release it elsewhere in the world via travel retail.

Describing the St-Remy a la Creme, Hodges said, “this unique French liqueur cream is a most unusual drink – fresh, delicate, smooth and creamy with a strength of character rarely found in a cream liqueur.”

In similarity with other cream liqueurs on the market, cellar master Martine Pain recommends drinking the liqueur neat with ice, or, for those who like to spice up their caffeine intake with something a little more exciting, as an added extra to your coffee.

St Rémy a la Creme is an extension of St-Remy French Brandy, which is distilled in Machecoul in the Loire valley. The brandy is produced from grapes from the regions of Rhone Valley, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Bordelais and Longuedoc Roussillon. It does not have any cognac in it.

As of yet there’s no information as to the price of a bottle of St Remy a la Crème.

Sources: www.drinksint.com

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New Product Launch: St-Rémy à la Crème by Rémy Cointreau

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