Pineau de Charentes, the baby brother of cognac (grape juice added to spirit), is enjoyed by a growing number of people.  But in the 1980’s a young Breton man on holiday in the Charente came across an oddity he’d not heard of before – sparkling pineau.  It etched a deep memory within him and, ten years later when he was back in the area, he attempted to buy something similar.  He’d even memorised the name – Moussant du Planty.

But his searching was to no avail, and the man, now not quite so young, had to wait a further 20 years before he was to once again come across this bubbling delight at a market in Saintes in the Charentes Maritime.

Sparkling Pineau

Nowadays the situation has changed somewhat – and sparkling pineau, often incorrectly known as pineau champagnisé, is sold widely in the region.  The production method is rigidly adhered to – five year old pineau is gasified for bottling.  The age of the drink reduces the sweetness, and the addition of carbon dioxide allows the natural flavours to develop.

Laurent Lablanche, a pineau producer under the farming group Groupement Agricole d’Exploitation en Commun or GAEC, sells round 3000 bottles of sparkling pineau per year, which accounts for around 10% of his total pineau sales.

Mr Lablanche has tried to get his sparkling pineau into the nationwide supermarket franchises – but abandoned this direction in favour of direct sales.  He counts the Paris Saint-Germain footballer, Sylvain Armand among his clients.

Despite the slow increase in popularity, pineau is still only a small market.  Of the 5,000 growers in the region of Cognac, only 600 of them produce Pineau.


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