“Okay people: If we ever get to space we MUST have a Cocnac up there!” This is probably what a very creative Rémy Martin executive thought one day. The perfect digestive in outer space!

Drinking in space

In 2001 F. Loeb Design created a high-end mini-bottle for Remy Martin: Officially certified for being ready for space invasions. The Cognac is frozen to -12 degrees Centigrade (about 10 Fahrenheit), then filtered with the same filters used to recycle the water on space shuttles…

Ready for space
Ready for space

Fatty substances are removed from the Cognac, concentrating the aroma even more. It is to be drunk ice-chilled, and comes in a flexible plastic flask. And a drinking straw. Even a valve to stop the liquid trickling out at zero gravity. It is even protected against external radiation. Now this is space travel technology!

“An astronaut can have a little shot, enjoy himself and savor the taste,”

said Francois Van Aal, Remy’s marketing director for new products.

Rémy Martin produced 3,000 of those micro-high-end flasks. Apparently the company gets into space business quite soon, as space tourism is about to be possible soon.

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Sci-Fi Cognac: An officially certified space-eaux-de-vie by Rémy Martin

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    And how much does it cost, just out of interest? I mean, at the end of the day it’s quite a silly but funny idea.

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    Hi there,
    Remy Space was a promotion for travel retail / airports. Remy Space was the prize in this “lottery” – i think most of the bottles where used for this promotion. Some years after this promotion one bottle where sold in Russia for 600 USD.

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