Two days ago in Hollywood (where else), was the opening launch of Access Custom’s new four-seater jet plane.

At the luxurious Kim Sing Theatre in China Town the company proudly unveiled their private jet that comes to you fully customised for a cool US $1.5 million.

Louis XIII Jet

Of course, an event as opulent as this requires a pretty special kind of sponsor, and who better than Remy Martin to do the honours?  Alongside JLP ‘The President’s Tequila’ and VOSS water in association with Platinum Motorsport, the sponsors of the event were as prestigious as the jet plane itself!

The invited guests were allowed to sip Remy Martin Louis XIII Grande Champagne – a 100 year blend that commands a price tag of US $2000 per bottle.

They were then allowed to look around the jet plane, which boasts a cruising speed of 380 knots and a top speed of 420 knots.  It also has an extended fuel tank, so doing away with the pesky business of having to land to re-fuel, advanced avionics for a smooth ride and a carbon fibre body.

Louis XIII drinking

The jet is designed for those who favour short jaunts, so says Custom Access sales manager, Chris Yirsa.  “It’s a plane to travel distances not longer than 1000 miles.  A perfect jet for those who often travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, San Francisco or Aspen.”

For your 1.5 million the jet is fully customisable to your personal choice.  The options include fabrics and colour choices of the interior décor, TV and DVD systems, Bose sound systems, individualistic lighting, roll cages, and a refrigeration options for food and drinks.

We wonder how many sales they made on the day, and how many people enjoyed their taste of Louis XIII?  Undoubtedly it was also a wonderful promotion for Remy Martin as well, who in June of this year launched a Jeroboam bottle of Louis XIII.  And with a price tag of US $22,600 – what better place to show off their wares than at the launch of a private jet!

Learn more about Louis XIII, here. Or read the story how we received a Louis XIII bottle at home, here.
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