One of our readers has a bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII in Baccarat Crystal complete with matching stopper, paperwork and box. He is trying to sell it for his mother. It has been handed down from his great grandmother who purchased it new in 1957.

Some say this year was particularly special since it was the year that Queen Elizabeth II visited France and was served Remy Louis XIII.

(If you also have bottle pictures you would like to submit, send us photos and information: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

Louis XIII Cognac

The condition is completely original and unopened. The bottle number is 994.

Complete information on bottle:

994 (etched in glass)
A circle design stamp with “FRANCE” and picture of a bottle & glass

Louis XIII

Bottle Top:

Stamp over label of cap reads “Bottle Stamp, series III, Remy Martin” with picture of Eagle
Label of cap reads “Remy Martin Cognac

Side of Bottle Top:
Label reads “Remy Martin Cognac”
Has red, white & blue ribbon
Front Label:
Rarest Reserve
4/5 Quart
80 Proof
Distilled and Bottled by E. Remy Martin & Co – Cognac France
Established 1724

Louis XIII Labels

Back Label:
Comes with original box and paperwork.
Box is red with felt texture
Reads “REMY MARTIN COGNAC” with a picture of a horse
Card reads:
“This Exquisite hand-Blown Crystal Decanter Is an Exact Reproduction of a Rare Decanter Used During the Period of Louis XIII, Now Produced Exclusively for
E. Remy Martin & Co
By the World Famous
Baccarat Cristallerie, of France”
There is also a long story included about Louis XIII with drawings of him drinking with the queen.
Please use the comments if you are interested in the bottle – they would like to sell.

Thanks for your participation.

For buyers, please note: We do not accept buyers simply pasting their email address in this post. As a buyer, you first need to place an offer, a bid for the bottle; without posting the email address. Once there is a response by the seller, buyer and seller will be allowed to communicate via email.
Why are we doing this? Because we would like to keep the prices as transparent as possible. Thank you.

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Reader Wants To Sell Great Grandmother's Remy Martin Louis XIII

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  1. Avatar

    I still have the bottle (Baccarat crystal like pictured above) of LouisXll, unopened with the crystal stopper and it is in a red box. l am interested in selling it.

    I also have a Baccarat crystal bottle (5 sided) with the crystal stopper of Remy Martin Cordon Bleu to sell.

    I am looking to get $2000. for the Louis Xlll and $1200. for the cordon Blue.

    If anyone is interested I would enjoy hearing from you


  2. Avatar

    I am willing to sell it for a very low price, $1200, I actually doing this for my friend,her husband used to be a wine collector, we drank all the wine but this bottle, anyone interest it I can send photo, I don’t see the year but there is little booklet with a number on it.

    Admin: Thanks for your post. Please use our “Submit your Bottle” function: This way you can upload beautiful images, add sufficient information about the condition, history etc. Thanks

  3. Avatar


    I am looking to sell an unopened bottle of Louis Xiii Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac.

    It is a 50 ml miniature bottle (numbered Baccarat crystal similar to the above) in Red presentation box, with crystal stopper. Also has an exterior card gift box with handle.

    It is a recent edition issued to celebrate the release of the Louis Xiii Jeroboam 3L bottles.

    From what I understand this edition of miniatures are no longer being made and as a result their value has increased significantly already.

    A lot of retailers are selling at current price of £499 however most have sold out due to to the limited numbers.

    If anyone is interested in buying I can supply pictures.

    Many thanks


  4. Avatar

    I am selling my bottle full unopened cognac Louis xiii for 1200 please contact me for info. (Admin: please use the submit your bottle form), thanks

  5. Avatar

    Hi David, I want to buy your bottle.But can you send me the picture fo the bottle? Philip

  6. Avatar

    I am looking to sell a brand new bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII Grand Champagne Crystal Baccarat. Etched Carafe D W 4033 with full packaging and documentation. Price is $1950. Please contact me …..I can send pictures

    Admin: Thanks for your post. Please use our “Submit your Bottle” function: This way you can upload beautiful images, add sufficient information about the condition, history etc. Thanks

  7. Avatar

    Sorry Mike, I finally sold it to a friend’s friend, for $800! he was so happy.

  8. Avatar

    I want to sell Louis XIII grande champagne cognac la collection cognac diamant bottle 9072, serial nummer s3j1173-januari 27th, 2003 baccarat cystal stopper with natural diamond, rond brillantine, weigert 1.28 ct 70cle complet in box with stolp unopended (giftbox 39x32cm).
    Regards Antony

  9. Avatar

    I have two original 1957 bottles in box unopened. Please contact me.

  10. Avatar

    Please post pictures and info, I’m maybe interested, depending on your location.

  11. Avatar

    Any one want to sale Louis XIII for 1200$ please let me know.

  12. Avatar

    I am interested in buying 1930-1960 Louis XIII with box (Red oval type or square felt green/red/white or basket).

  13. Avatar

    I am interested in buying 1930-1980 Louis XIII – I will pay a good price for it

  14. Avatar

    I´m in Argentina and have 2 bottles 1957 with original cases and unopended.

  15. Avatar

    Dear interested people,
    I have an sealed bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII unopened. The year of the bottle is between 1950-1960.
    The only thing is that there are 3teeth broken on the left side, and it comes without box. Besides that it’s in perfect condition.

  16. Avatar

    Can you post photos of your bottles and boxes?
    Use “Submit bottle” button below.
    I am interested in your Cognacs.

    With broken fins the bottle value is reduced about 50% to collectors. I will buy it at about half market value of a perfect bottle if you want to sell. My offer is $750. I will resell it to a Louis XIII “drinker” who appreciates old cognac but doesn’t care about the condition of the bottle.

  17. Avatar

    Nick #16:
    Your bottle and box are from 1953. They were featured on Remy Martin ad from that year. The box should also have a small gold tassel. I believe the mirror was only used in the box that year. Many red and green felt boxes from the mid 1950s but only a few with the mirror shown in the 1953 ad poster.
    Do you still have it? Are you interested in selling? I would pay about $3,000 for it.

  18. Avatar

    Michael: please sendme a email and i will send to you photos.
    I´live in Argentina


  19. Avatar

    I cannot send you my E-mail through this site. Their policy is open bidding on the forum. They will only put buyer/seller in contact after an agreement is reached through open postings. You need to post the photos of your cognac on the site. You can E-mail photos and explanation to [email protected] and he will post your photos for you.

  20. Avatar

    hi! if I would like to buy remy louis xiii from the reader list above how do I contact them

  21. Avatar

    I have two bottles that I would consider selling. One is from Louis XIII from 1938 in perfect condition including the original wicker basket it came in. My grandfather purchased it it 1939 in Beijing China while serving in the merchant marines. (For about $65)
    The other is a newer bottle from around 1965, with crystal stopper and glass.

  22. Avatar

    I am very interested in both bottles. You should have a look at: to put them for sale. I don’t think there is any way for me to get in touch with you otherwise. This site promotes open bidding on cognacs and does not allow direct communication between buyers and sellers until after a deal has been reached on the public thread.

  23. Avatar

    Dear Robert, Im also very interested in your bottles can you please contact me.

  24. Avatar

    Value of sealed decanter of cognac baccarat crystal presentation white box red velvet interior crystal stopper house of monnet

  25. Avatar

    I have bottle just like the one pictures, unopened, with the glass stopper but not box. Anybody interested? I can send pictures

  26. Avatar

    Have 1 Louis XIII , Carafe N* 898 for sale. Complete with case. 750ml. Asking $3000. Please email your interest. Pictures available.

  27. Avatar

    There is no way to contact you. This website requires you to post the bottle for sale via the SUBMIT BOTTLE button at the bottom of this page.

    What kind of case does it have? To sell for $3,000 it needs to be a 1930/1940 Age Inconnu in wicker basket.

    But the 750mL volume (not 4/5 Qt) sounds like a modern bottle (post 1980)… Those resell for around $1,300. $3,000 would be the full retail price.

  28. Avatar

    I have 2 50 mL Remy Martin Louis III miniatures, unopened, in the original box. I have researched their value, but have no idea where or how I can go about selling them. If anyone has suggestions, please email me. Thank you.

  29. Avatar

    Nobody can E-mail you because this site does not allow publication of direct contact information.
    Please use the SUBMIT YOUR BOTTLE function at the bottom of the page to send information and pictures to Sebastien who will place your bottles for sale on this site. I suggest several photos including some that show the seal and the cognac level in your bottles as well as the boxes. These will be required to finalize a deal with any serious collector. If these are older 50mL bottles they can be quite valuable.

  30. Avatar

    I had bottle Cognac Louis XIII limited Ed only 2000 bottle for the Millennium​ rare. please offer . Thank you

  31. Avatar

    I’m sorry – I didn’t realize anybody had written back. (This time I remembered to check the “notify me o followup comments..” The bottles are currently at my brother’s. I will try to get photos and submit them, probably around Thanksgiving.

  32. Avatar

    I have what I can decipher from comments above, a 1953 sealed bottle, and stopper in green felt with gold tassel, numbered #786. good condition (1 tine broke on bottle). Im not knowledgable of value, however under the impression that its worth around $10,000. Open to suggestion, and information…Looking to sell.

  33. Avatar
    Eric dingus

    I have this for sale,DESCRIPTION
    A Rémy Martin Louis XIII bottled in the 1930’s (presumed). The bottle is still sealed and the level is good. The labels are a slightly damaged but not bad considered the age of this extraordinary bottle.

    Bottom is signed with: ‘Remy Martin & Cie – Cognac France’

    “Paul-Emile Remy Martin, who created this Cognac first in 1874, was also responsible for the remarkable and distinctive bottle, emblazoned with a fleur de lis and with spiky the town of Cognac. From 1874 till 1936 the Louis XIII decanter was made of ordinairy glass. Since 1937 the decanters have been exclusively made in crystal by Baccarat (each is thus signed on the base). Prior to this they were made at the equally famous St Louis glassworks.”

    The importer Joseph H.Reinfeld received a US Liquor Importers License in 1933. He was one of the largest bootleggers during prohibition. The company was rolled into Browne Vintners in the late 1930s and disappeared when Browne Vintners was sold to Seagrams in 1940.

    The seller inherited this bottle from here great aunt. Item is with a green velvet, gold tasseled box in the brown paper bag. Stunning baccarat bottle with wonderful stopper.

    Private Seller from USA. Stored in a dry place. Lying on its side. All duties paid.

    Condition: Everythings seems fine. New and unopened

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