Oh no! Russian man drinks a $58.000 Cognac without being aware of its value! Last week, retired Jursolav B. opened a bottle from the heritage of his grandfather. Russian talkshows are waiting for him…

The former trucker, living in Semenkovo, should have checked his facts: The bottle was an extremly rare Cognac Frapin Cuvée 1796! While watching a football match with some friends at this appartement, the man mixed the eau-de-vie with some cheap orange juice! Excuse me… orange Juice? Terrible mistake.

Juroslav tries (!) to take it easy:

“I would have never opened this damn bottle. I had no idea.. perhaps my grandfather wanted me to drink it. On the other hand: I would have sold it directly… I could  really, really need the money!”

About the most expensive drink in his life, Juroslav found out two days later! Family members found the empty bottle in the man’s appartement…

Old Cognac = gigantic value

Jursolav is about to become the joke of town – at least he is invited to a talkshow which will air next week. Poor Juroslav.

PS: this was an April Fools joke! just to let you know now.. there is no Frapin Cuvée 1796 as far as I know.

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Man drinks $58.000 Cognac with cheap orange juice without being aware of the bottle's value!

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Max is a spirits expert and speaker, into marketing, technology, startups, and business development. He’s also a farmer. He likes tools and machines, Game of Thrones, and Better Call Saul. Included in his Top 10 Cognacs are the Audry XO and Bache Gabrielsen 1973.Max founded Cognac Expert in 2010 at his family’s estate in Poullignac, in the Cognac region, France. Started as a blog, today Cognac Expert is the world’s largest website about all things Cognac, a blog, and a specialized online shop featuring 800+ different Cognac bottles.


  1. Avatar

    Haha, I guess the orange juice isn`t what he regret most….. :-))
    This story confirms that they should stay with their vodka. Ouch, but i do feel a bit sorry for him.

  2. Avatar

    Absolute sacrilege.
    It pains me to see people still adding ice.
    Nevermind adding OJ to a standard brand but to a XO!?
    The only thing you ever add to a fine Cognac, is more fine Cognac.

  3. Avatar
    Hendrik J

    Oh man.. his own fault. they should have googled it at least before opening it. I mean, such an old bottle, how is that possible?

  4. Avatar

    Hey, I think he did it the right way. If he had known how much it was worth, he wouldn’t even have had a sip of the stuff. Who else in the world can say that they’ve had a $58.000 Cognac, and with orange juice, no less? I bet it was the best Cognac and orange juice he’s ever had.

    I get annoyed at people who refuse to mix delicious bourbons or cognacs. Yes it is lovely on its own and rather expensive. That doesn’t mean that it won’t make the best damned mixed drink you’ve ever had.

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