Well, we all know that the Chinese appetite for cognac continues to grow seemingly at an unstoppable rate. And the (arguably) richest nation in the world certainly has the funds available to ensure that they continue to have access to the supply it desires.

We’ve mentioned in the past about various Chinese investors and businessmen searching the area to purchase Cognac vineyards.  So it should probably come as no surprise when we tell you that the house of Roullet-Fransac has just been sold to the Chinese giant, Changyu Wine Group. Roullet-Fransac is perfectly situated in the town of cognac, right next to leader Hennessy at the banks of the Charente river, Quai des Flamands.


It was a quick sale, according to the head of Roullet-Fransac, Georges Roullet.  He said that, “Changyu came to Cognac for the first time on June 19th.” So, who is Changyu Wine? Well, Changyu is one of the top ten largest wine importers in the world, and the largest producer in Asia.

And although according to Georges Roullett, that “This is the first real cognac sold to China,”  it’s not actually the first… Earlier in the year, the brand of menuet cognac »”>Menuet Cognac was sold to Xiangzhong Yang. It all depends what we define a sale: Stock, brand, vineyards?


Sources tell us that Changyu acquired all of Roullet-Fransac which means brand, stock, and the hotel which is open to the visitors. Apparently there are no bottling sites or similar production sites included. As Roullet-Fransac is a typical Négoce-only cognac company (only trading, no grape production), no vineyards were part of the deal. Of course we would love to know how large the stock is…

We are going to stick to this story and find out more, stay tuned.

When we posted the news on our facebook page the reactions were quite rough!

Pavol: Like everything!
Roy-Egil: Aw hell no!
Leif: Ohhh noww!!!
Jarle Vestland: … Not good…
Ib Rosenkrantz: What’s next ??????
Jason: I don’t think that’s a good thing. Quality & Made in China doesn’t exactly go hand in hand
Jimmy: Old perception that everything made in Asia is bad. Very old and very wrong way of thinking.
Laurent: puffffffffffffffffffff
Cognac-Expert.com (Max): just for the record: the Cognac company was acquired and as cognac can only be produced in the french region of Cognac, the products of Fransac can never be produced in China.
Jason: I know that but Quality may suffer, personally I don’t care Hennessy is by far the best cognac in my opinion
Gunnar : Soon fake chinese cognac ?

Sources: charentelibre.com

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Takeover: Roullet-Fransac Cognac Sold to China

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