Let’s be honest, it’s rare that the ladies make the spotlight in the world of Cognac. But we’ve always championed the proportionately few women associated with Cognac, and will continue to do so. Believe us, they make up for it with their coolness, style, and sophistication.


Here’s world renowned singer, Rihanna (!), at the launch party for M$$ x WT, Melissa Forde’s new line of bucket hats in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. And guess what the fashion designer Forde and her best friend, were sipping on to celebrate? You’ve got it: Cognac. And guess which brand? Yes, exactly: d’Ussé Cognac, for which Jay-Z is the acting ambassador.

Rihanna and Melissa Forde

Apparently the DJ played hits by Kanye West and Jay-Z, and of course Rihanna’s lasted song “B—- Better Have My Money.” Once again, the hip hop community shows style and sophistication, making Cognac on the rocks the only drink on offer. We absolutely love it, and are still desperately waiting to be invited to a night like that…

Source: wwd.com





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Rihanna's sippin' Cognac too!

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Sophie is co-founder of Cognac Expert and lives in Charente, France. She is a passionate supporter of small and medium sized Cognac houses and artisanal producers. Her background is in contemporary art.

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