Result of What’s Your Favourite Cognac? Hennessy and Rémy most popular, Courvoisier not mentioned once

We asked our Cognac facebook community on June 9th 2010 about their favourite Cognac. And here is the result: Hennessy (again) wins with 30%, followed by Rémy Martin 22%. Third place goes to Delamain and fourth is Braastad.


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Result of the 09/06/2010 Favourite Cognac question

Interesting enough, that Martell is only mentioned 5% and Courvoisier is not mentioned once! Still, they make up (together with Remy & Hennessy) over 80% of the worldwide market.

Thanks a lot to all participants! Here are some quotes from different readers:

  • “You can get a miniature 50ml of Louis XIII complete with red leather presentation case, which costs about the same as the same volume in a good restaurant or bar in UK.”
  • “LOUIS XIII hands down. I have had two glasses in my life. Hennessy private reserve 1864 runs a close second in my book”
  • “Hennessy Privlage or XO is extremely smooth. Hennessy Black is Horrible in my opinion. I’ll drink Vs b4 I drink Black”
  • Delamain‘s Pale & Dry — and I defy you to find better for the price range.”
  • “Church on the Pure White!!!”

Here are the brands mentioned by our readers, a total of 61 persons answered.

Hennessy 18
Remy Martin 13
Delamain 4
Braastad 3
Martell 3
Renault 3
Pierre Ferrand 3
De Luze 2
Otard 2
Jon Bertelsen 2
Germain Robin 1
Larsen 1
Tesseron 1
Meukow 1
Jean Fillioux 1
AE Dor 1
Kelt 1

Comments (2)

  1. Daniel Tollick June 12, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    Glad to see Delamain is on the top three

  2. JohnnySong July 15, 2011 at 9:50 am

    My wife said the sample size is so limited, not that suited to use quantitative research…

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