+++ UPDATE +++ As www.examiner.com reports, the temporary arrest could cost T.I. his sponsorship deal with AXE.

Is this what Rémy Martin wants? A rapper that came out of prison, saying he has changed and now gets arrested again?

As TMZ.com reports, Rémy Martin’s global creative brand spokesman T.I. (we reported, see our article) was arrested for possession of controlled substances.

T.I. (Clifford Harris Jr.) and his wife Tameka Cottle were arrested on August 2nd: Law enforcement sources told TMW that Sheriff deputies pulled the rapper and his wife in a Mayback on Sunset Boulevard around 10 PM – deputies report they smelled marijuana.

TI arrested

Ah! Rémy Martin’s image is supposed to follow this direction? Come on, a spokesman represents a brand like nothing else. It’s a living brand commitment, a walking marketing activity.

The police officers searched the car and found a controlled substance, not cocaine, but a drug like methamphetamines or ecstasy.

The couple just got married end of July in Miami, and T.I. is basically just out of prison, and on probation after doing 7 month on federal weapons charges.

Law enforcement report that both T.I. and Tameka were ‚busted’ for felony possession of a controlled substance. Both of them were release at 4 AM in the morning, the bail amount of 10,000 USD must have been payed by someone.

What about Rémy Martin?

Well, let’s think about this: Rémy is well aware of T.I.’s criminal background (and that’s something we can assume) and now that! Either Rémy Martin is totally naive and did not expect such a thing, and now get their brand influenced by such actions – or they actually count on such happenings.

Their target group will probably not be entirely shocked, as it’s rather urban, nightlife hiphop lovers – so probably it’s exactly what they want: A ‚real’ player that is at the border of legal life, or even crosses limits some times.

We haven’t heard a lot since T.I. announced the partnership with Rémy, only that there will be a special edition with T.I. – and that he signed some bottles. He didn’t even play a role in the Rémy Martin „V“ launch.

Is Rémy really going for T.I.? Or will they change their mind?

Snoop Dogg and Landy on the other hand announced the partnership, and we saw first results rather quickly: a video on youtube with Snoop drinking Landy Cognac, and Landy bottles in his upcoming video clip. Snoop Dogg is a musician, who always communicates his marihuna consumption, it’s part of his brand.

T.I. as spokesman: Fail or success

Snoop’s and Landy’s announcement was done after T.I.’s Rémy Martin announcement. Is Rémy & T.I. the slower team or what is really happening here?

At the end of the day it’s like that: Rémy Martin wanted a gangsta rapper, now they have one. Either a total fail, or a perfect success.

If you are interested in following Rémy Martin on facebook: go for it.

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Rémy Martin's spokesman T.I. arrested for drug possession

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  1. Avatar

    I said it before “remy Martin”, if you want a black person for a spokeman, go with MARTIN FREEMAN a terific actor and a MAN with lots of CLASS, get it you simple minded advertising bums. Remy Martim should fire the whole bunch of you idiots. You will only maybe influence a small percentage of young blacks, but on the othere hand you mightt loose some big spenders of the uper grade cognac drinkers of Remy Martin. I for one was already trying some other cognacs, because you are not the only producer of fine cognac. For you to partner with a BUM like TJ, you should be ashemed, or does th familly have any pride left. It seems to me like you dont care, just maybe why the French do not use cognac that much. And in the restaurants in Paris you see cognac from the small houses, not Remy Martin. Dont get me wrong, but I will not continue to buy Remy if you continue to bring down the name “Remy Martin”. Shame on you, do the righ thing dump that bum, go with Martin Freeman and you wont be sorry. By the way I’m 100% white meat. Good luck

  2. Avatar

    Wow – that can’t be good for Remy Martin’s image. Any reaction from their side yet?

  3. Avatar

    @Steve: You probably meant Morgan Freeman, not Martin Freeman, replacing TI.

    The problem with Morgan Freeman could be, that he does not really represent the target group Rémy Martin is looking for.. he is not the urban-hiphop-nightlife guy. Here is the problem for RM. Also, perhaps a person like Freeman does not even want to do advertising for liquor. Also possible.

  4. Avatar

    To Cognac Expert : Sorry for the mistake, do not know how that hapened being that he is one of my favorite movie stars. My appologies to Mr. Morgan Freeman, the only exuse I have if needed is that I am very, very upset with Remy Martin. There are probably many others Black and White that feel the same. Thanks for the corection.

  5. Avatar

    I don’t like T.I. as the spokesman either, but I also wouldn’t like Morgan Freeman…he’s a bit too old. I’d like to see someone like Boris Kodjoe. Handsome, classy, up & coming. I think he would photograph well, women love him and if you put him with some pretty ladies and market him as the ultimate gentleman, guys would look up to him too. Rappers are played out as liquor reps.

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