Here comes a review about a well known Fine Champagne XO, probably one of the most popular in the world:

The deep rich tones of Remy Martin XO Excellence catch the light as it twinkles through the cognac glass.  But do the promised delights live up to the expectations on actual tasting?

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Remy Martin XO Bottle

Well, the aroma is certainly more than pleasant, with spicy tones and a somewhat floral tinge adding to the tasting anticipation.  And on sipping this blend of Fine Champagne cognac the very first thing that hits are the almost decadent rich yet mellow tones.  This is certainly a smooth cognac, deep as the taste becomes more complex the longer you hold it in your mouth.

The velvety texture creates subtle hints of fig, ripe oranges and other fruity tones.  And there’s definitely a hint of cinnamon in there as well.  It’s certainly a cognac for those who like to tease their taste buds, and the taste lingers comfortingly on your palate for a long time after it’s swallowed.

Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac XO Excellence

Remy Martin XO Excellence is a blend of over 300 cognacs (like Remy Martin Centaure, also 300, and to compate: Louis XIII has 1000 different eaux-de-vie in the blend).  85 per cent of these are from the region of Grande Champagne, and the remaining 15 per cent from Petite Champagne.  All of these are aged between 10 to 37 years making this an XO of the highest quality.

Remy Martin describes this as ‘the taste of excellence.’  Well, we’ve been lucky enough to taste some rather excellent cognacs.  But as XOs go, we’re impressed with this one.  Retailing at a price of around €100-160 a bottle, it’s a cognac for special occasions you might want to purchase once, twice a year – but our verdict is that Remy Martin XO Excellence is certainly one worth trying.  You just might want to keep it for special occasions.

Still, don’t forget that you are paying the brand of Rémy Martin.

Buy for $ 207.70

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Rémy Martin XO Excellence Review: Taste, Price and Value

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  1. Avatar

    I buy 2 bottle’s a year locally and I believe this is the best tasting of all the XO cognacs.

  2. Avatar

    My brother has an unopened Louis XIII bottle still in cellophane and in a red velvet box. The top of the bottle has a serial #754. and is round in shape not like the newer tops. The bottle itself, as I have said, is still in cellophane and the serial number is difficult to see. From images that I have seen on line the era was 1950 – 1960. Any thoughts or info would be appreciated. We are thinking about selling this. Is it something you would consider buying?

    Thank you,
    Trasena Monroe

  3. Avatar

    Oval red box = 1964 to 1968
    In 1961-1963 the boxes were beige/white cardboard – gold trim and “silk” interior.
    in 1969 the boxes went to red octagonal style.
    A bottle in an oval red box should not have a serial number… Serial numbers stopped in 1959 or 1960.
    You say the “top of the bottle” ? Not an engraved number under the bottle?

  4. Avatar

    My nonna has given me an unopened bottle of remy martin xo special that has serial number on certificate of origin VZ390 can anyone tell me more ? She said it was a gift to her and my nonno about 15 years ago but looks much older to me and is not in a box

  5. Avatar

    My previous XO Excellence 750 ML containers were serial numbered however my recent purchases of XO Excellence 750 ML containers are not serial numbered. Are the containers no longer serial numbered?

  6. Avatar

    Could you give me an estmate of the retail valuation on a one liter bottle of Remy Martin XO Specail Fine Champagne COGNAC

  7. Avatar

    can anyone clarify for me the difference between Remy XO “special” vs Remy XO “excellence”?

  8. Avatar

    Hi Blair, about the difference between Rémy Martin XO “Special” and Rémy Martin XO “Excellence” – those were different product variations of the same product. Special was bottled in the 1980’s and probably a way to be different to other brands. It also was a Fine Champagne Cognac, but what the actual difference was.. who knows. We’d need to ask Remy directly I assume.

  9. Avatar
    Buks van der Lingen

    What would the value of a bottle REMY MARTIN X.O. EXCELLENCE with serial L26351202 be worth?

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