There’s certainly no ‘blurred lines’ when it comes to the latest offering available in Europe from cognac giant, Rémy Martin.

The very limited edition VSOP (only 100 bottles in Europe) has been produced in partnership with singer Robin Thicke, who’s been the face of the brand for the past two and a half year in the USA.

New Limited Edition Cognac: Rémy Martin VSOP Robin Thicke

We have to admit that the bottle is stunning; in bright red and featuring the singer’s signature and various music related images, all inspired by ‘the voice of the artist.’

Thicke, who’s song, “Blurred Lines”, was a global hit in 2013, has become a brand ambassador for Rémy Martin.  Along with this limited edition bottle he’s performed at various private events for the brand.  Recently he paid a visit to the headquarters of Rémy Martin, meeting up with cellar master, Pierrette Trichet.  We don’t know for sure, but perhaps he also met up with the man who’ll be taking over this esteemed position for Rémy in spring 2014, Baptiste Loiseau.  Read more about his new appointment here.
Robin Thicke photo libre de droits

The 70cl, limited edition Remy Martin Robin Thicke VSOP Cognac will be available this month, January 2014, for a price of 50 euros.  It is exclusively for sale at Lavinia – a French wine and spirit merchant with retail outlets throughout Europe.

Read more about Remy Martin Cognac here.

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New Limited Edition Cognac: Rémy Martin VSOP Robin Thicke

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