Rémy Martin Urban Lights is the new VSOP Limited Edition

Rémy Martin just released the limited edition Rémy Martin VSOP Urban Lights – the first impression is a Matrix iconography, but in red. If one would have to pick the special edition champion of Cognac, it must be Remy Martin. They just regularly release new special and limited editions of their VSOP.

Glows under black light

A 1 litre Remy Martin Urban Lights bottle will be available at selected travel retailers. The glowing VSOP Remy will also be available in 750ml bottles, in liquor stores in select markets: NY, NJ, DC, MD, ATL, Chi, Cali, Mia, and maybe some others.

Clearly this new design tries to attract younger, more wild consumers. One can imagine it in a bar or a nightclub – for sure: It glows under black light.

The bottle has the same content as the “normal” Fine Champagne VSOP from the cognac house, and comes at the same price as the Rémy Martin VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac.

Fine Champagne stands for at least 50% Grande Champagne and the rest Petite Champagne origin.

Learn more about the Cognac house Remy Martin.

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