Thursday 31st May saw the annual Remy Martin awards for those wine growers who provided eaux-de-vie of exceptional quality for the 2011 harvest.

This year, 32 growers of the grapes were presented with the awards known as The Centaure, in bronze, silver and gold levels.  This is a big reduction on last years’ 54 that were awarded, and Cellar Master, Pierrette Trichet, says it was simply to do with the quality of the vintage.

Grapes in cognac


The awards were held at Club Rémy Martin, where each wine grower was called up to receive their award – in the form of a diploma.  After the award ceremony there was a tasting of the Rémy Martin Centaure de Diamant, and once again Pierrette Trichet praised the expertise of the wine growers of Cognac.

The awards were presented as follows:

Gold Centaure

  • Jean-Pierre Chevrier and Medhi Charbonnier de la Distillerie du Pandit-Puits
  • Jean-Claude Danjou and Stanislas Danjou for l’EARL Poly-Viti
  • Claudine Mondory and Richard Mondory for l’EARL des Huitains
  • Pierre-Olivier Precigout for SCEA de Chez Pigand
  • Roger Prissand for SCEA de Puycaillon
  • Élisabandh Biteaud and Jean-François Biteaud for GAEC de Font-Arnat
  • Eve Morales for Rechou SA. Éric Chaissou
  • Gérard Pelandte for EARL Pelandte
  • David Lanthiome
  • Michel Renoud
  • Denis Blanc
  • Stéphane Archambaud for l’EARL du Lavoir
  • Jacque Grelard and Annick Grelard for l’EARL Le Logis des vignes

Silver Centaure

  • Éric Micheland
  • Emmanuelle Lammertyn and Laurent Nedelec for la SARL Peltier-Maurin
  • Francis Nadeau and Mathieu Nadeau for l’EARL du Chemin-Boisne
  • Aurélie Maillard and André Maillard
  • Cédric Dagnaud and Sylvie Dagnaud for l’EARL des Alliants
  • Daniel Duluc and Pierre Duluc for le GAEC de l’If
  • Anne Bouyer and Philippe Bouyer. Serge Aubineau and Josépha Aubineau
  • Éric Chaissou and Jean-Philippe Chaissou for l’EARL du Montand
  • Sylvain Magnand

Bronze Centaure

  • Alain Pannaud and Stéphane Pannaud
  • Christophe Massuyau for l’EARL de Trotte-Lièvre
  • Gabriel Albert Combe
  • Jacky Bussier and Thomas Bussier
  • Bastien Quintard and Thomas Quintard
  • Isabelle Fort-Brandaud and Jean Fort for l’EARL Fort
  • Jean-Luc Frumholtz
  • Manuel Frumholtz
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Remy Martin Rewards Exceptional Cognac Wine Growers for 2011

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