Following our previous announcement in December, we can now confirm the official appointment of the new Cellar Master of Rémy Martin, Baptiste Loiseau. He’s the fifth person to hold this prestigious position, following in the footsteps of André Renaud, André Giraud, Georges Clot and Pierrette Trichet.

Rémy Martin: Inauguration

On Thursday night, we were present at Domaine de Grollet for the celebration of the event.

Providing for future generations

Madame Hériard-Dubreuil, the former President of Rémy Cointreau and granddaughter of former André Renaud, opened the ceremony by warmly thanking Pierrette Trichet for her 38 years of service. She said of her service, “Being Cellar Master of the House Rémy Martin means really providing for future generations with all her strength, talent and heart.”

Dominique Hériard Dubreuil & Pierette Trichet

Pierrette Trichet said some words about her illustrious career. In 1976, she joined the house as a technician. Originally from the Armagnac region, she spoke humorously about how she has “learned to live at the top of the Garonne.” Driven by her thirst for knowledge, she joined the prestigious Tasting Committee in 1993. And from this moment onwards, the art of tasting eaux-de-vie was never to leave her. And In 2003 she was appointed as Cellar Master. It was a daring choice, as this was the first time a woman had held such a position on one of the large cognac houses.

It was an emotional Pierrette who spoke of her work, the relationships she formed and the sheer passion of the magic of creating cognac. She said she will always remember the first time she was responsible for the creation of Louis XIII. She was told by her predecessor, “You have changed nothing.” And for her, this was the highest of compliments. Apart from the fact that she’d been able to encapture the existing qualities, she’d also managed to create ” Coeur de Cognac” and “Centaure de Diamant”.

Pierrette Trichet & Baptiste Loiseau

After thanking the house of Rémy Martin, the departing Cellar Master said, “I received so much, but Have also given a lot.” She then addressed Baptiste directly, “Your skill is obvious, along with your heart, morals and intelligence. But more than this, I have trust in you, as do others. This continues to strengthen the link with the growers. Stay true to yourself, and continue to trust your intuition, because it’s you who’ll be creating the future of the house of Remy Martin.”

Pierrette Trichet concluded her speech by announcing, “Tonight I’ll be selfish. I’ll be the first to congratulate Loiseau on his new position, that do Cellar Master of Remy Martin.

On hearing this, it was the turn of The new Cellar Master to struggle to contain his tears.

Baptiste then took the floor, thanking those who had helped him in his career, especially Pierrette Trichet, since joining the cognac house at the end of 2010. He ended by saying, “I hope that when I announce the creation of the next Louis XIII, Pierrette will also say to me that I have changed nothing!”

Rémy Martin: Inauguration of new cellar master, Baptiste Loiseau

It was down to Eric Vallat, the Remy’s new Director General, to end the ceremony. He said that he had been fascinated by this “alliance of talent and humility that so characterises those who hold the position of Cellar Master.”

“Truth and style,” he exclaimed. “In Remy Martin, nothing is artificial, everything is real. Everything changes, yet nothing changes.”

Pierette & Baptiste dancing at the dinner party

This wonderful evening was celebrated with a cocktail dinner party in a relaxed family atmosphere – very much in the style of Rémy Martin.

Bravo Pierrette! Congratulations Baptiste!

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Rémy Martin: Inauguration of new cellar master, Baptiste Loiseau

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