So, we’re often talking about different ways to enjoy cognac. And for most, we think that adding a mixer, perhaps drinking it ice cold from the freezer (such as ABK6 Ice Cognac), or having a stand out cognac mixed up in a signature cocktail are all perfectly acceptable – not to mention enjoyable – ways to enjoy our favourite tipple.

We’ve even taken notice of the ‘Dragon Dog’, a hot dog infused with Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac. But we have to say that when we came across the latest Vegas frozen cocktail (which has more than a minor resemblance to a ‘Slurpee’), our initial reaction honestly was, WTF!


Yes, it’s really true. For those heading to the delights of the Mandalay Bay Evening Call Frozen Beverage Experience in Las Vegas, you honestly can purchase a slurpee-esk frozen cocktail that contains a shot of Louis XIII Cognac. Not only that, but you have a choice of flavours. Why not suck up the Straw-Bama (we’re assuming that strawberries are the prevailing flavour in this one), or the Coco Loco (Pineapple? That’s our guess).

Brrrrrr. We can only imagine the consternation of current and former Remy Martin Cellar Masters, Baptiste Loiseau and Pierrette Trichet, to hear of their beloved Louis XIII being used in such a manner. And look – it’s even being served in a plastic cup!


At $100 a drink, it’s obviously being aimed at those tourists who’ve had a successful flutter at the tables. Undoubtedly it’s a reference to Obama’s ‘Slurpee Summit’ back in 2010, where a strawberry concoction of the Slurpee boasted the name “Straw-Bama”.


All we can say about the Remy Martin Louis XIII Slurpee, is that it could only happen in Vegas…

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