A reader has a Remy Martin Louis XIII for sale. What a classic.

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

This Cognac Grande Champagne was served at the Royal Banquet given to their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at the Chateau de Versailles on July 21 1938. It is the finest brandy procurable. E Remy Martin and Co.

Louis XIII Cognac for sale

Held by the same family for over 50 years the bottle was acquired when the family was prominent in the NYC restarant business. It has been kept with care and is in many ways equal to the bottle recently sold at Singapore DFS in condition.

Reader would like to sell, please drop your offers.

For buyers, please note: We do not accept buyers just ‘dropping’ their email address in the post, but as a buyer you first need to place an offer, a bid for the bottle; without the email address, then we wait for a response by the seller, and then you are allowed to communicate email addresses. Why? Because we would like to keep these price structures as open as possible. Thank you.

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Remy Martin Louis XIII for Sale

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  1. Avatar

    I’m interest you bottle would like to offer email or call me (Comment by admin: Mike, please first communicate your offer here in the post, then afterwards we make the contact)
    Best regards, Mike

  2. Avatar

    Hi, Im very interested this bottle I would offer $2000 plus

  3. Avatar

    I am a cognac lover and collector, base on the photo you show, i like to offer $2600.

  4. Avatar
    Derek Goh

    Based on the information and photo, I am willing to offer $3000.

  5. Avatar

    Is this bottle still available? I could offer $3300.

  6. Avatar

    Hi, I too have similiar bottles. My bottle has same decanter, with a red curved box and another one with a yellow box. However I have the problem that I live in Canada.
    Does any know if I can legally sell it or must I go through the LCBO auction house?

  7. Avatar
    Derek Goh

    Is the original bottle even still available?

    Marie, how long have you had your bottle? Does it come with a crystal stemmed glass? Which part of Canada are you?

  8. Avatar

    I have the exact same Remy Martin Cognac for sale except it is in a green velvet box. Number 65 is hand etched on the bottom of the bottle. It also has the original letter from Remy Martin & Co. dated 12 October 1935. Is there anyone interested in purchasing it?

  9. Avatar

    I have the same bottle with 24 etched in it and am willing to sell!

  10. Avatar

    Derek I have same bottle
    I going to sale 1500$ plus shipping
    Do you interest

  11. Avatar

    Mike, I offer you $2000 for your bottle.

    Now can we start dealing? Please?

  12. Avatar

    I will take $2500 and pay for first class shipping!

  13. Avatar

    My bottle is still available. Anyone interested?

  14. Avatar

    I guess no one is interested any more!?
    If you are this bottle will be in ebay with a reserve price of $2500

  15. Avatar

    please let me knowm i have a lot of old louis xiii
    If you are interested

  16. Avatar

    I am willing to take more than 1 bottle. But I would need to inspect them 1st. Where are you based.

    Can we take this off forum?

  17. Avatar

    I removed it from eBay after seeing similar bottles sell for quite a bit more then 2500. I have app. With appraisers this week. After I find out the true value I will be willing to sell. Sorry everyone!!!

  18. Avatar

    I’m selling a Remy Martin Louis XIII original in its box.

  19. Avatar

    I’m very interested in buying this bottle – Please contact me.

  20. Avatar

    Hi Michael, please make an offer first, later on we will contact you with the bottle owner. Thanks.

  21. Avatar

    What a flurry of E-mails!! People offering their bottles inside other people’s auction and people responding to one another helter-skelter. Impossible to figure out what got sold, what was withdrawn and what is still for sale…

    Does anyone here still have a 1950s Louis XIII in rectangular felt box (Red or Green) for sale in the USA? If yes I make a standing offer of $2,500 and I will pay for shipping. I will up my offer for exceptional condition (like the one shown above).

  22. Avatar

    To admin:
    if I use your website to sell a bottle or two of cognac..
    what % do you take for arranging blog with potential buyers upon sale

  23. Avatar

    Dear Marie, the fee we take for the service of putting bottle owners and potential buyers in touch depends on the value of the bottle, but not on a strict percentage. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

  24. Avatar
    Mike Iverson

    I also have a bottle of Lous 111 in baccarat decanter, never opened, purchases about 45 years ago willing to sell. Am in Australia

  25. Avatar

    I can put a good offer , could you send me a email and and the we can talk about this deal.

  26. Avatar
    joseph fontaine

    I have a bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII, 750ml with presentation box for sale. Looking for offers

  27. Avatar

    My name is Larry Schembri I have a bottle of Remy Martin LOUIS XIII 700ml with presentation red box for sale, bought it Duty Free about 10 years ago. looking for an offer.

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