You’ve got to admit that when the folks at Rémy Martin get stuck into a project, they certainly do it in style. But then, if you’re a leading house looking to open a permanent bar, then of course it’s going to be a private member’s club in collaboration with a two-Michelin starred chef. And in this case, the chef in question is none other than, Claude Bosi.

Rémy Martin Open Exclusive London Venue & Ltd Ed ‘Just Rémy’ Collection

So where have the good people of Remy chosen to open this hallowed space? Paris? New York? Beijing? No, instead they’ve chosen the historic city of London, UK, in the upmarket area of South Kensington.

Rémy Martin Open Exclusive London Venue & Ltd Ed ‘Just Rémy’ Collection

Now, locals and visitors alike might be familiar with a Rémy Martin’s pop-up private member’s club in the area. They’ve been running master classes and immersive Cognac experiences in the UK capital city since 2014. But now they’ve announced that it’s time to put down roots—and it appears the bar is here to stay. Naturally this couldn’t be housed in any old venue, so it makes perfect sense that they’ve chosen the classy space at Bibendum as the home for LA MAISON RÉMY MARTIN RESIDENCY AT CLAUDE BOSI. (And before you shoot us down in flames for breaching online etiquette, the name really is all in upper case).

Cocktails and bar food

They might call it a ‘bar food menu’, but this is certainly not a place that you’re going to want to grab food on the go. Along with an extensive Cognac cocktail menu, the food on offer has been carefully and meticulously created by Bosi. Each of the dishes has been personally crafted by the French chef. And naturally each selection on the menu is designed to pair perfectly with one of the many different ways to enjoy Rémy  Martin Cognac.

Rémy Martin Open Exclusive London Venue & Ltd Ed ‘Just Rémy’ Collection

Examples of the food on offer include Petrossian Caviar, Morecambe Bay Oysters, and Crispy Ravioli of Nduja Sausage.

Rémy Martin Open Exclusive London Venue & Ltd Ed ‘Just Rémy’ Collection

Bosi says of this new collaboration, “Rémy Martin shares many of my values: the passion for craftsmanship, talent and terroir, and ultimately the enjoyment of excellent food, which can really bring to life the different aspects of Cognac. I am very excited about this collaboration and creating something new and innovative in Bibendum, which has always been an integral part of London’s food scene”.

Rémy Martin Open Exclusive London Venue & Ltd Ed ‘Just Rémy’ Collection

So what of the Cognac and cocktails? Well, you can expect a combination of old and new, with many long-standing favorites on offer.

Rémy Martin Open Exclusive London Venue & Ltd Ed ‘Just Rémy’ Collection

The iconic Royal Sidecar, made with Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal and Cointreau will please many. Or perhaps the Maison Old Fashioned with Rémy’s famous XO, fig liqueur, salted honey syrup, and bitters. Whatever your taste, there’s sure to be a cocktail that’ll tempt you.

Rémy Martin Open Exclusive London Venue & Ltd Ed ‘Just Rémy’ Collection

Decor and surroundings by Sir Terence Conran

The internal space, whilst small, is perfectly formed. But then you wouldn’t expect anything less from the iconic design name of Sir Terence Conran. Utilizing plenty of wood, pewter, and stone, Conran has created a space that draws from the vision of Limousin Oak and chalky soils of the Cognac region. There’s also the unique seating—Charlotte Perriand Bibendum chairs—to complete the whole look.

Rémy Martin Open Exclusive London Venue & Ltd Ed ‘Just Rémy’ Collection

Conran says of his design, “I have always considered myself to be one of England’s great Francophiles, and I think my lifelong love of France runs deep through my design for the building. I have been true to the original promise I made to Michelin when I bought the building that I would keep faithful to the honesty and style of the original building. I hope they will be proud of my design”.

Events and masterclasses

The venue will house an ongoing series of events, all of which will follow the theme of the whole philosophy of the house of Rémy Martin—Rooted in Exception, and Rooted in Talent. These will include signature masterclasses, immersive experiences, and unique curated events. Each will be hosted by a talented name in London’s food and drink community, or those who’re at the top of their game in the arts, culture, and lifestyle theme. If you’re planning a trip to London, then LA MAISON RÉMY MARTIN RESIDENCY AT CLAUDE BOSI is certainly a top spot to visit. Located at Bibendum, 81 Fulham Road, London, SW3 6RD, the bar is open from 4.40pm to 12.00am Monday to Saturday, and from 12.00pm to 11.00pm on Sundays.

Rémy Martin Open Exclusive London Venue & Ltd Ed ‘Just Rémy’ Collection

Find out more at La Maison Remy Martin.

New Rémy Martin Launch: ‘Just Rémy’ The Collector’s Series

If the opening of their London bar wasn’t enough, then get ready for “Just Rémy” The Collector’s Series. This promises to bring us a collection of lifestyle brands and top designers, put together in an ongoing program. The first offering is a capsule collection designed by top streetware designer, Don C.

The capsule is made up of a bottle of Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Cognac. But the twist is that the designer cleverly intertwines street design, basketball, and eau-de-vie. Entitled, The Sneaker Box, it features Don C’s iconic snakeskin detailing, along with a branded pair of ‘Just Rémy’ sneaker laces.

This is the first in the series that’s promising to bring us a real collaboration between a luxury lifestyle, sport, and street fashion. This first offering promotes the link between the wonders of Cognac and the game of basketball. It’s a great way for the Cognac giant to further attract the growing legions of younger, hip Cognac drinkers. The collection will continue over to be rolled out until February 2019, with a new item released on a monthly basis.

Discover more about the historic brand of Rémy Martin, and purchase their wonderful range in the Cognac Expert online shop for worldwide delivery.


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Rémy Martin Open Exclusive London Venue & Ltd Ed ‘Just Rémy’ Collection

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