Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail launches a new travel-retail exclusive bottle in October: Remy Martin Diamant. It consists of 300 to 400 different eaux-de-vie and sales will be kicked off at Singapore airport next month.

Up in the Air: Cognac for rich and brand orientated travellers.

Up in the Air: Cognac for travellers...

In December the new bottle will be available in flagship airport stores in Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul etc.

It’s a luxury-airport-world-product

Rémy Martin Diamant comes in a beautiful bottle, of course. The price is at $ 1,000 and a fine blend of eaux-de-vie selected by Rémy cellar master Pierrette Trichet. The origin is Grande and Petite Champagne – and you can be sure that it’s rare stuff.

Remy Martin Diamant

Apparently notes include honeysuckle along with fig, plum and summer fruit.

Rémy Cointreau manager Matthew Hodges told DFNIonline:

“I am really proud as the new Rémy Martin Diamant looks absolutely fantastic and will look really distinctive in duty-free stores around the world. It is contemporary without being too self consciously so and the main thing is that it is going to appeal to a wide range of consumers. I think it will be good for gifts and a lot of people are going to want to have it. The coffret let alone the bottle is very attractive. It will do very well in Singapore and Hong Kong, where there are more affluent consumers and I also think it will do well in Moscow. If it does well in Moscow it will probably do well in Dubai where there is a strong Russian presence. It will also succeed at the locations where there is a mix of nationalities such as London, Frankfurt and Paris.”

Remy Martin Diamant bottle neck

The decanter basically looks like a diamant.

“We had quite a lot of input on the bottle and saw several versions, many of which are indistinguishable from the one we saw last night. We also offered our input in relation to the stopper and was involved in debate around the coffret. Regarding the latter we are very pleased with the way it opens and displays the product. It gives a real sense of unveiling and occasion. On a general basis we deferred to the skill of the blender, but at the same time we wanted a product that is fitting of the house of Rémy Martin and the story around being at the heart of cognac with the Grand and Petite Champagne. We were working on the concept for a couple of years with the liquids story progressing alongside the packaging equivalent.”

The bottle comes in a jewellery box, and the colour intense mahogany.

Well.. what can we say about this one. It’s great marketing for travellers, of course rare eaux-de-vie, of course expensive and made for the airport world.

If you are interested in following Rémy Martin on facebook: go for it.

Source: Moodiereport

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Rémy Martin launches retail-bottle Diamant Cognac in October

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