Remy Martin is embracing the latest technology with their new travel retail promotional platform. This stuff looks like Star Trek.

Commencing this month in a pilot scheme at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the ‘Experience the Heart of Cognac’ is using cutting edge virtual 3D technology to create hologram animations on the display stands.  These animations are based on a classic XO Remy Martin decanter.

Remy Martin Hi Tech

The impressive display will include all of the range sold within the Remy Martin Global Travel Retail range, from the VSOP right through to the inimitable Remy Martin Louis XIII.  After the trial scheme, the advertising plan will be extended to other key travel retail destinations across the globe.

Rémy Martin Holograms

And the holograms are not the only part of this marketing strategy.  Travellers will be able to see a genuine 30 year old cognac barrel in a glass case, take advantage of tasting opportunities or, in the case of locations that don’t allow this, a perfume style aroma experience where cognacs are sprayed onto pieces of card.  There will also be an artistic display of graded cognac samples, set out in a pattern of an ‘organ,’ – divided by both age and colour.

Matthew Hodges, Marketing and Business Development Director for Remy Cointreau Global Travel Retail said, “We are very excited by this more contemporary approach to in-store display, whose purpose is to drive store footfall, communicate the heritage of the brand, attract new consumers and ultimately drive sales. Since Heart of Cognac was launched in 2006 it has been very influential in showcasing the brand, encouraging trade-up and sales.”

‘Experience the Heart of Cognac’ is modelled on the Heart of Cognac Academy – a two day trade and consumer experience that takes place in Cognac, France.


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Virtual 3D Technology: Rémy Martin goes Star Trek with 'Heart of Cognac'

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