Here comes another noble cognac, the Rémy Martin Louis XIII. This one is located in Idaho, USA.

The reader writes “This bottle was left to me by my aunt, when she past away. Which was very thoughtful of her but I quit drinking several years ago. It needs a very good home where it will be enjoyed. This bottle is for sale. It has original box and all are in perfect condition.”

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

Rémy Martin Louis XIII Grande Fine Champagne Cognac
Rémy Martin Louis XIII Grande Fine Champagne Cognac
Rémy Martin Louis XIII Grande Fine Champagne Cognac

produce of France
4/5 quart 80 proof
rarest reserve
distilled and bottled by E. REMY MARTIN&co-COGNAC FRANCE
established1724 printed in France
{back} imported by
renfield importers ltd., newark n.j.
distributed by
renfield importers ltd., new york, n.y
{bottom} E. REMY MARTIN&Cie

Tax labels, revenue, signs or similar: there is a tax seal over the top of bottle that says.

Rémy Martin Louis XIII Grande Fine Champagne CognacClose up

How has the bottle been stored:

  • At room temperature
  • Lying on its side

Some more information about the bottle:

  • Everythings seems fine
  • Cork is protected by a wax seal

Rémy Martin Louis XIII Grande Fine Champagne CognacBottom of bottle

The level of the cognac: High shoulder or top shoulder: the level of cognac has reached the upper curve of the shoulder

Our reader would like to sell this bottle of Rémy Martin Louis XIII Grande Fine Champagne Cognac.

Please make your offers, ask questions or inform us about this bottle – give your opinion. Buyers please note: We do not accept simply pasting your email address into the comments – please make an offer first; then later on we will connect buyer and seller. Thank you.

Buyers please note: We do not accept simply pasting email addresses into the comments – please make an offer first; then later on we will connect buyer and seller. Thank you.

For both bottle owners and potential buyers: If you want to get in touch with respective owners or buyers please send a mail to [email protected] expressing this wish.

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Rémy Martin Louis XIII Grande Fine Champagne Cognac

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Jacki has been with Cognac Expert from virtually the beginning. She's the senior editor of the blog, and has spent much of her life living in rural France. Today she's based back in the UK, where she splits her working life between writing for Cognac Expert and working as a Paramedic at a large regional hospital.


  1. Avatar

    Hello, would you have pictures of the box ? What price did you have in mind ?Thanks.

  2. Avatar

    Looks like a 1952-1962 bottle. Baccarat Logo, numbered decanter. Is it number 93? (The number should also be engraved under the stopper and should match the number under the decanter)
    What type of box is it? All the bottles look alike so the type and condition of the box is one of the main value factors.
    Please post photos of the box and of the card attached to the bottle (Does it mention a Royal Visit in 1938 or two visits in 1938 and 1957?)
    I am very interested in buying this bottle.

  3. Avatar

    I tried to get a clear photo of the bottom of the stopper but I could not get a clear picture. I had to take the clear celofane off the bottle to get the original photos and also untie the stopper. I know both numbers match though. The tag mentions the 1938 and 1957 visits. I would say the box is in very good condition. I am attempting to send new photos of the box and tag, but do not see an attachment. Also I do not have a set price so I am entertaining all offers.

    Remark by admin: you can send your additional pictures to [email protected] and I will update the post quickest possible. Thanks & kind regards

  4. Avatar

    I was having computer problems sent pictures to Sebastian waiting to see if they worked

  5. Avatar

    Hello everybody, I just updated the post.

  6. Avatar

    Definitely a 1959-1960 box. In 1958 the box was green velvet and after 1960 it was beige cardboard… OK we have the exact age of your cognac.
    The only damage I see is that the fabric hinge holding the lid to the box is obviously unglued or torn. These boxes have a flip-up lid not a removable lid.
    I will offer you $2,200 for your cognac.

  7. Avatar

    Originally I was thinking $2800-3000 range. how about $2600 and it yours. Roger

  8. Avatar

    I have paid $3,000 for a Louis XIII cognac once but it was a 1938 “Age Inconnu” in a Rattan basket.
    I will raise my offer to $2,400 which is the price I paid for that exact bottle and box last year. I encourage you to seek/wait for other offers. It is very possible a collector seeking that exact bottle may offer you more.
    The box is rare because Remy Martin only used it for two years while other types of boxes (Like the red octagon) were used for up to 10 years.
    I am in no hurry and I will not withdraw my offer so you have plenty of time to consider this.

  9. Avatar

    I would like to thank everyone from cognac expert with their help selling this bottle. It was a joy. Also thanks to Michael for his info and buying of bottle.

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