And another king’s favorite! One of our readers has this Cognac bottle in the United States: Rémy Martin Grande Champagne Tres Vieille Age Inconnu.

My step-fathers dad passed away about 10 years ago and this has been in my possession since then. My Step-Dad gave it to me since i collect other vintage items. He said that his father has had it for a long time, but not sure how long it has been. My step-father is over 60 so his dad could have had it in his possession as early as 1930. “

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

photoFront View

The label reads: Rémy Martin & Co. Cognac Grande Champagne Tres Vieille Age Inconnu”Ce Cognac Grande Champagne a ete servi au banquet Royal offert a Leurs Majestes Britanniques Le Roi George VI et la Reine Elisabeth au Chateau de Versailles te 21 Juillet 1938 “E. RÉMY MARTIN & CoTop of Bottle says E. RÉMY MARTIN & Co Cognac with a picture of a man/horseBottom of Bottle: E. Rémy Martin & Co Cognac France. Made in France by BaccaratTax labels, revenue, signs or similar: No.

The level of the cognac: High shoulder or top shoulder: the level of cognac has reached the upper curve of the shoulder

Our reader would like to sell this bottle of Rémy Martin & Co. Cognac Grande Champagne Tres Vieille Age Inconnu.

Please make your offers, ask questions or inform us about this bottle – give your opinion.

Buyers please note: We do not accept simply pasting email addresses into the comments – please make an offer first; then later on we will connect buyer and seller. Thank you.

For both bottle owners and potential buyers: If you want to get in touch with respective owners or buyers please send a mail to [email protected] expressing this wish.

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Rémy Martin Grande Champagne Tres Vieille Age Inconnu

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    Please add a picture of the bottle that is straight ahead not from the above so we can see the level. Also does it have the stopper and the boxes?

  2. Avatar

    Yes, I have the box and the stopper…I don’t know how to add another picture. If you look at the fin like glass ridges on each side, you will notice a faint line just at the top of the top fin….that is the line of the cognac. I am guaranteeing the line to be just above the top fin. Hope that helps:)

  3. Avatar

    I just sent you an email with the updated picture. Thanks!

  4. Avatar

    This is a 1940s bottle. Is the case a wicker basket? Most bottles with the square sticker were in wicker baskets/boxes.
    If it is the wicker basket type I will pay over $2,000 for it. Need to see more pictures to tell you what my top bid is. If it is the square felt box (Red or Green) I will still pay over $2k for it.

  5. Avatar

    Contrary to wine, cognac should never be stored laying down. The strong alcohol content dissolves the cork over time. This would account for the loss of level.

  6. Avatar

    Sebastian: I would like to get in touch with this seller. At what point do you let seller/buyer make contact? What is the process/requirements?

  7. Avatar

    Hi Michael, thank you very much for your comments. The rules for our “submit your bottle” section are just these: please make an offer first, later on we will put you in touch with respective bottle owners. Regarding to your offers I’ll notify the bottle owner if he wants to be put in contact.

  8. Avatar

    Sorry for the lack of response, we had our fourth baby on Friday and things are a bit hectic around here right now. I am willing to sell the bottle for 2K.

  9. Avatar

    I would make an offer but need to know the type of box the bottle comes in. The seller indicates “Yes, I have the box and the stopper…I don’t know how to add another picture.”
    Maybe Sebastian can assist you in adding another photo?

  10. Avatar

    Hi Dennis, congratulations on the baby!
    Yes, I will pay $2K for the bottle provided you have the box and stopper as you indicated in comment #2. I would like to know what type of box it comes with and what condition the box is in. Maybe Sebastian can let us communicate directly now that we have a deal?

  11. Avatar

    Hi Michael, I sent Dennis an email so that we can put you in touch as soon as possible.
    Addendum: unfortunately the delivery of the email obviously failed. @ Dennis: please write a short notice at [email protected] and I will send the mail once again. Thanks.

  12. Avatar

    I am going to send a photo of the box. Not sure why the email failed, I am getting all the email updates indicating new comments.

  13. Avatar

    Michael, thanks!! We are blessed….9lb 6oz baby boy….this sale will pay for the midwife:) I sent the pictures of the wicker basket. Please let me know what else you need from me. Thanks!

  14. Avatar

    Great photo. With the basket I will raise my offer to $2,600. It is a very nice set. The clasp on the basket is missing as is the paper that should have been in the box but it is still great. Let me know if the offer is acceptable so Sebastian can put us in touch directly.

  15. Avatar

    What is the difference between my bottle and the one in this article?

  16. Avatar

    Would someone be kind enough to help me understand what I am selling. After further research, it appears that one of these bottles sold for 70K. I know that it would be silly to think I have something worth that much in my possession, but I have the exact same bottle they sold. I found the number on the bottom, its number 43 and as stated in previous posts in this thread it is from the 30’s to 40’s. What is the difference between the one that sold for 70k and mine. Thanks for the help. By the way, this has become a rather interesting history lesson into the world of Cognac. I wish I could taste it but for that kind of money, I would rather just sell it.

  17. Avatar

    The bottle that sold for $70,000 in HK was apparently a pre-WW2 bottle (made for the 1938 royal banquet) and one of the first in Baccarat decanters. Yours is a post WW2 version of the same bottle. Production of Louis XIII was halted during the war. The Remy Martin age inconnu in the “Louis XIII” bottle has been in production since the 1890s

    Underneath yours there should be an engraved marking – Made in France by Baccarat and a Baccarat Logo – The pre-WW2 bottles either have no logo or say Made in France by St Louis (Pre-baccarat version).

    The HK bottle that sold for $70,000 is probably worth $6,000 tops in HK so I can only speculate that the buyer wildly overpaid probably because of the setting and desire to impress others. I have bought several of these bottles before, both pre-WW2 and post-WW2 and have not paid over $3,000.

  18. Avatar

    That makes sense to me, thanks for the clarification:) You say that my bottle came after the war but according to this link, it would appear that mine was before the war. I know it doesn’t affect the price much as you say “I have bought several of these bottles before, both pre-WW2 and post-WW2 and have not paid over $3,000.”, but wouldn’t mine be pre according to the information on this link.

    Thanks again for the clarification and the Remy Martin Cognac 101 class!

  19. Avatar

    Michael, would you buy it for 3,000 if it is pre?

  20. Avatar

    The indicator of age is the underside of the bottle:
    Is there a round Baccarat logo to the right of the word France?
    If yes the bottle is from 1947 or later
    If there is no logo then it is from 1937-1940
    Let me know what you find. I may consider making a higher offer.
    I checked further into the HK auction. It was a Remy Martin sponsored charity event so the price paid is not really related to the actual value of the bottle sold but it is nice advertizing for RM that they can state that one of their Louis XIII cognacs is worth $70,000!
    They do have several extreme Louis XIII cognacs (Black Pearl and Rare Cask) that will sell for more than the regular Louis XIII but they are modern era bottles.

  21. Avatar

    There is no logo. This bottle is from 1937-1940. It is number 43. Thanks for the update:) We were able to call Remy Martin and they confirmed the information as well.

  22. Avatar

    Very good! Did Remy Martin give you any information in regards to the number? I believe the bottle numbering was started over each year because I have seen bottles from the post WW2 era with low numbers as well. The oldest bottle I have seen in the Baccarat bottle is No.29 not because of the numbering but because the sticker was bean-shaped as opposed to square. I first assumed it was a 1950s bottle but since it had no Logo I had to conclude it was from the 1937-1940 era. I then found a pre-baccarat bottle “Made in France by St Louis”, so from before 1937, and it too has the bean-shaped sticker so the first year (or years) the Baccarat bottles were made they had the same sticker as the pre-1937 St Louis bottles,,, They then switched to the square sticker and then back to the bean shaped one in 1950. Since I have seen a bottle with the square sticker and No.10 number (Lower than 29) I believe they restarted the bottle numbering at 1 each year. Quite a complex process to figure it out.
    What you bottle confirms is that the pre-WW2 bottles came in the same rattan basket as the 1947-1950 bottles.
    With this new information are you still interested in selling your bottle? If yes. I will offer $3,000.

  23. Avatar

    Yes, I am still interested in selling and would take $3,000 as you offered. How do we make the transaction?

  24. Avatar

    I think you need to contact [email protected] who moderates this forum. He will give you my E-mail address so we can make final arrangements.

  25. Avatar

    Just for the record: this bottle has been sold.

  26. Avatar

    Tenho remy martins age tres veilhe grand champanhe número 50.. 2500 euros

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