The advertising and strategy team at Remy Martin is certainly pulling out all the stops to raise awareness.  Reaching out to a worldwide audience at all levels, they’ve launched, or are in the process of launching a host of special products that encompass their complete range.

Urban Lights Special Edition VSOP Remy Martin

These included the following:

VSOP Special Editions

This fresh young cognac is to have a new, limited edition version called ‘Urban Lights.’  The street art inspired bottle was launched at the Cannes film festival and is set to hit the shelves in December.

XO and Chocolate

Ever a good pairing, Remy Martin have teamed up with La Maison du Chocolat for a decadent treat.  A bottle of XO Excellence has been wed with a selection of finest ganache chocolates.  It will be available to purchase only from chocolate shops throughout the world.

Louis XIII

And for those who require the pinnacle of cognac taste?  Then you’ll be delighted to hear of the new jeroboam – the equivalent of four regular sized bottles – of Louis XIII.  The company is working to organize specific events themed around this cognac.  To this aim there has been a yacht club event and the opening of a tasting room in China.

Last but not least, and whilst not a specific brand or type of cognac, Remy Martin are looking towards encouraging tourists and those interested in cognac to visit their homeland.  Tastings, vineyard visits and private tours will become available to both the French and to nationals from other countries around the world.


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Remy Martin’s Global Advertising and Product Strategy

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