Luxury Cognac brand Rémy Martin has released a super premium Cognac that costs $20,000 per case.

The Cognac Louis XIII Rare Cask 43,8 was apparently created by Rémy Martin’s cellar master Pierrette Trichet. Already the packaging is special: The Cognac comes in an extraordinarily handcrafted carafe created by known French glass-maker Baccarat. The bottle is made from rare black crystal and takes more than 10 people to create and over 50 different procedures. The neck of the decanter is dressed in palladium.

Remy Martin Cognac 43.8° image:

Remy Martin's 20k Cognac: We calculated the cost of one sip

Why is it supremely rare?

In the year of 2004, Trichet found a cask of Louis XIII Cognac, which contained a blend of over 1200 different eaux-de-vie (!) aged between 40 and 100 years. This Cognac had risen in strength from the normal 40° to 43.8°. Trichet noticed a certain palate of honey, nuts and mushrooms in the spirit. In the Cognac world it’s quite common, that casks get forgotten about and are found in some cellars much later on.  The same happens with certain bottles.

Louis XIII Rare Cask

Now, the special edition of Louis XIII Rare Cask is available for collectors, of course in a very limited edition of only 786 decanters available worldwide. A Louis XIII Cognac is already a must-have for every high quality Cognac collector.

The product is presented in a box forged in metal. Mirrors underline the black crystal, it somehow looks like a precious jewel. As ‘Leitmotif’ one notices the royal fleur-de-lys of France, making reference to the historic roots of Louis XIII.

The value of drinking a twenty thousand dollar bottle of Cognac

So if one little sip (0,5 cl) equals 5 ml (bottle is 700 ml) you just had an drink worth $ 140. Cognac Expert checked for you what one could get for price of one single sip of Louis XIII 43,8. Yes, we know, it’s rare. And you can’t compare Cognac to consumer products because it’s not simply a drink, it’s an experience… we know that, too. Anyway, here is small a list of what one sip could compare to in terms if its value.

Either you have one little sip of Louis XIII or buy… shoes, a violin, a stamp, a racket, a washer, a netbook or a rim for your Corvette:

a pair of Puma Men Golf Shoes Harpia White ...a Prillante Student Model Violin ...a rare stamp: DANISH WESTINDIES 20 (Mi20) - Numeral (pf67785) ...a used 6.5KG SAMSUNG WASHER + WARRANTY+TRANSPORT ...a DUNLOP Blake REVELATION OS Tennis Racquet Racket ... a Alyans 7 ...a 7 x11

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Remy Martin's 20k Cognac: We calculated the cost of one sip

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