Here comes a product launch – all new: Rémy Martin just released a new Cognac that gives tribute to Shanghai: “The Pearl of the Orient” Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai 1903. It’s an EXTRA Cognac and the first release of a new collection called Collection Heritage Edition. The actual whole name would be: Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai 1903 Extra, Collection Héritage, Fine Champagne. Read more about Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai in our shop section.


The Cognac house mentioned that the Heritage Collection Coupe Shanghai is “the first special blend created for a particular market” and an “intense spirit, heavy with spice, as befitted a Cognac destined for the Orient”.

As announced by the cognac maker, Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai is apparently blended in reference to a record made by Rémy Martin’s master distiller in 1903, a handwritten note that mentioned a “Coupe Shanghai”, the first special and specific blend created for a particular market. We would call that product diversification, adapted to specific taste structures.

Rémy’s cellarmaster Pierrette Trichet defines the cognac as ‘very intense with notes of almonds, leather, dried fruits and flowers; the blend is ample and powerful and the length is extraordinary’.

In the beginning of the 20th century the bottles of Remy Martin were not only exported but also consumed on luxury steamships travelling to the Far East, including Shanghai.

The bottle will be available from December 2013 on. There is no information yet on the price of Coupe Shanghai, but we know it’ll be launched at Singapore’s Changi Airport, from January on in Hong Kong. As usual, the bottle will be also sold in some other selected high end stores, for the Chinese New Year. The cognac is a Fine Champagne Cognac, made of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie, and at 40% abv.

Coupe Shanghai comes in a rather simplistic, harmonic 70 cl carafe – the style is silver. The bottle is presented in a red box, the font is in gold. The box also serves as an elegant display, which contains a note explaining the myth behind this cognac. All bottles have a unique number.

As it seems this new cognac by Rémy could remain a Duty-Free-only product. So you might not be able to buy Coupe Shanghai Cognac in your liquor store..

Just one question: WHY does Rémy Martin release a Cognac called Coupe Shanghai, then not initially launched in Shanghai? Really? There should be at least an event or something.. in Shanghai. Anyway, just saying.

Discover Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai in our shop.

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Launch of a New Cognac: Rémy Martin Coupe Shanghai 1903 Collection Héritage Extra

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    How is it possible for Rémy Martin to include a date in the name if this product when this is not the date of the distillation? This is surely contravening the many and various rules of DGCCRF?

    I would be very interested to know how they overcome what looks to me like a misleading age description.

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    Max (

    Hey Peter, well there are many examples of putting dates on a label. Let’s think about 1738 Accord Royal Tradition by Rémy Martin: The eaux-de-vie was certainly not distilled in 1738.. it’s a fine line between age statement and confusing customers, true. But on the other hand, connaisseurs and luxury fans may be aware of what’s marketing and what’s age statement. What do you think?

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