This is what our reader writes: “My husbands family has a summer home on a lake near Canada. The family from all over the world gathers there in the summer. It seems to be the place were all family antiques and treasures end up from deceased relatives. This bottle was given to the family by a great Uncle who was a collector of fine spirits who lived in Chicago. We have some other old bottles but they are empty…seems like some of the brothers polished them off not knowing their value. We would like to know what this bottle is worth and sell it.”

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII from 1935

Front of bottle in case

Front of bottle: Grande Fine Champagne Product of France
Louis XIII Brand 4/5 Quart 80 Proof Rarest Reserve
Distilled and Bottled by E. Remy Martin & Co.
Cognac France Established 1724 Printed in France
State of Illinois Series N Alcohol Liquor Revenue 1/5 Gallon Tax paid at the rate of $1.00/gal.
Red stamp on cap: US Internal Revenue Stamp # 36A8157483 Renfield Importers Ltd. Newark NJ
Back of Bottle: Imported by Renfield Impoters LTD., Newark, N.J. Distributed by Renfield Importers LTD., New york, N.Y.
Hand Etched # 65

Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII from 1935

close up of label

There is a red, white & blue ribbon tied to the bottle the front of card reads: This Exquisite hand-blown crystal decanter is an exact reproduction of a rare decanter used during the period of Louis XIII, now produced exclusively for E. Remy Martin & Cie by the world famous Baccarat Cristallerie, of France
Back of card reads: This cocgnac Grande Champagne was served at the Royal Banquet given to their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at the Chateau de Versailles on July 21st 1938 It is the finest Brandy procurable E. Remy Martin & Co
Bottle comes in a green felt box with Baccarat crystal stopper & letter from E Remy Martin dated 12th October 1935 addressed to Messr. Browne Vinters Co. Inc. New York City, USA

Our reader would like to sell this Louis XIII cognac bottle.

For buyers, please note: We do not accept buyers just ‘dropping’ their email address in the post, but as a buyer you first need to place an offer, a bid for the bottle; without the email address, then we wait for a response by the seller, and then you are allowed to communicate email addresses. Why? Because we would like to keep these price structures as open as possible. Thank you.

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Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII from 1935

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Jacki has been with Cognac Expert from virtually the beginning. She's the senior editor of the blog, and has spent much of her life living in rural France. Today she's based back in the UK, where she splits her working life between writing for Cognac Expert and working as a Paramedic at a large regional hospital.


  1. Avatar

    Katerina |
    I can sell 2 bottles of un opened Rémy Martin Louis 13,new,red box
    Price for one is 1.550 USD not including shipping

  2. Avatar
    Pam Amland

    I will accept your offer. Were do I ship to?

  3. Avatar

    I accept your offer. Please send contact info.

  4. Avatar

    I have an unopened bottle of Louis X111 rarest reserve, 80 proof, 4/5 quart I want to sell. Original red box case. baccarat bottle.

  5. Avatar

    I have an unopened bottle of Louis xiii in its original case . No 9193. I wish to sell it

  6. Avatar

    The bottle of Louis xiii rarest reserve, original red box case, baccarat bottle, unopened is a collectors item. It is from the 1980’s. I know it has a greater value due to the age. I am in Southern California, USA. I would love to sell this to someone that will appreciate it.
    Thank you

  7. Avatar

    Hi Jeanne Louisxiii 9193. I am based in uk so freight would be collect. How much can you pay?



  8. Avatar

    Hi Andrew
    I am not sure we are talking about the same thing. I have a bottle in Southern CA FOR SALE. I do not want to buy one. I don’t understand your comment about how much can I pay???

  9. Avatar

    I have a bottle of Remy Martin Champagne Cognac Louis XIII rarest reserve from the 60’s unopened in original red box FOR SALE.

    I look forward to SELLING this bottle.

    thank you very much


  10. Avatar

    I am looking to purchase a Louis XIII bottle, anyone have one for sale?

    Thank you.

  11. Avatar

    Hi Ricardo – I have Louis XIII unopened, in barracart bottle – in original red oval case/box. I think from 1960’s.
    I am in Southern CA I would very much like to sell.
    Please let me know more about you and what you are looking for.

  12. Avatar

    The bottle described above is from the early 1950s not 1936. The etching under the bottle would be “Made in France by Baccarat” with a Baccarat logo. in 1936 there would be no Baccarat logo just the text and, of course, the label on a 1936 bottle would not mention a Royal visit taking place in 1938. After 1957 the card also mentions the visit by Queen Elizabeth II and the box is Red and oval.

    I am still very interested in the bottle so please contact me.

  13. Avatar

    Hi Michael, You are exactly right. The bottom of the bottle says “Made in France by Baccarat” with a Baccarat logo.
    On the red tape that seals the top – near the Remy Martin Cognac – has some numbers – the red tape says “u.s. international reserve”. The other side of the red tape says, “Distilled spirits”. Stamped on the tape is “485365394” on one side. The other side of the red tape says “tax paid” – stamped on says 4-I-89. There is a gold ribbon that holds the printed information card.
    I am in Southern California. Where are you located? Can you explain what the above means? It is for sale. Thank you – Jeanne

  14. Avatar

    Jeanne, I am interested in your bottle too. I am located in the US and can have someone pay cash and pick-up the bottle in Southern CA. (Used to live there-still many friends)
    Please contact me.

  15. Avatar

    Hi Jeanne, apparently our postings crossed on the Internet.
    Is your box oval, hinged and split vertically, red octagonal with a top lid or square with a truncated pyramid top?
    Is the seal on the bottle white or gold?
    The bottles 1970s and older are in high demand while the 1980s and newer bottles have not yet reached a collector status. I only buy bottles from 1970s and older.

  16. Avatar

    Hi Michael, to make the procedure a little bit easier and transparent I asked Jeanne to use our “submit your bottle” function. Thanks

  17. Avatar

    Thank you… I have still not figured out why my links did not work. I was trying to help Jeanne determine if she had an 60s or 80s bottle as she stated both.

  18. Avatar

    Hi Michael, Jeanne sent some further details via email, hope that helps to answer this question.

    Jeanne: it is red oval box split vertically. It has a red piece of tape across the bottle top (seal) that goes down both sides of the lid. The labels on the bottle are almost a soft yellow with red and black writing on it. I don’t know if it was white and age has turned it a cream like color? It has a gold ribbon holding the back note (about the queen etc) and a gold elastic holding the bottle in the case. Top is separate to the right of the case.
    I hope this helps. Can you tell how old this is?

  19. Avatar

    Can you tell me when this bottle is from? It was a gift to a family member who passed away and left it to me. He did say if I need the $$ I could sell it.
    I took care of his wife for 6 months last year in Livermore – northern CA. She passed away 7/10/12.
    I needed dental work while taking care of her but could not be sick there – she needed 24/7 care – so waited to do it here but my youngest brother had brain cancer so I waited for I would be free for him. He passed away 7/13/13. I now need $15,000. worth of dental work – I have been permanently disabled since 1999, have very low fixed income. I also need a car.
    Where in CA are you?
    thank you

  20. Avatar

    The case should have a diagonal gold stripe across the front. Seal on the cork should be white, similar to the one on the bottle pictured above and the rectangular tag attached, should mention both the 1938 visit by George and Elizabeth and the 1957 visit by queen Elizabeth II…

    If so, you have a 1960-65 bottle which is in high demand among collectors. Not quite as rare as the one above in the green velvet box but still a collectible bottle. If box is in good condition, none of the glass fins are broken and liquid level is “normal” (1/2 way between top fin and neck), I will pay $2,100 for such a bottle. If you can find a private collector who wants it for his own collection you may get as much as $2,500 for it. I am just an investor so I have no emotional attachment to any bottle and I need to make a profit.

    I hope this is useful.

  21. Avatar

    Good Morning,

    Mine does has the gold stripe diagonal across the front and the seal is the same. None of the fins are broken and the level is ‘normal’.

    This information is very helpful! Thank you so much. The label does have both 1938 and 1957 visits. So it is from 1960-1965, that is good to know.

    Do people that buy this type of bottle you it for display or do they actually drink it?

    Now that I know what I have I would like to try to get the most I can for it (only because I need the money so badly at this time.

    If I sell to you, how would I get it to you? How soon do you want it?

    Thank you so much for your honesty and knowledge. I really appreciate it.

  22. Avatar

    Collectors will typically display the bottle in a collection to show their “status”. Some may even drink it to show an even a higher status. Many of the collectors are Chinese and have extreme wealth. Some may be used as bribes. Collectible Liquors, expensive cars, expensive watches etc. have found a big market in China over the last few years.

    You may be able to find a US collector who will pay you $2,500 and maybe $100 more, but you need to find someone who wants the bottle and has the money. Be patient.
    I have bought several of these bottles with these boxes for around $2,000 – one of them yesterday from Carl on this site. His bottle and box should be identical to yours. You can look up the photos on August 12th listing.

    If you decide to sell to me I will try to arrange for someone to pick up the bottle and pay cash for it and make it happen within a week or two. In which area of Southern California are you exactly?

  23. Avatar

    Good Morning Michael,

    First I must say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your knowledge and kindness. You have really helped my and I am excited to find out more about my little ‘treasure’.

    I am in Lake Forest – do you know my area? If you are going south (from L A for example) – it is past Irvine and before Mission Viejo. It used to be called El Toro.

    Is this bottle something I should hang on to? Will the value continue to go up?

    Where are you located? As an investor, do you hang on to the bottle and let the price go up?

    You have been so kind, I really want to sell to you, but I need the money really badly. I am permanently disabled since 1999. My income is very low and in 6 yrs I will loose $2,000 of the $3,000 I get a month. My family has all passed away, I am single and have no help. I will be 59 next month 11/11/. So every dollar is very important. I need a car (have not had one since 2000). I use the handicap bus but it is not always available. I know you don’t want to hear about my problems, but I was thinking, as an investor, maybe you would have something we could trade that might help me more than just the $$. Just a thought.

    I am not really in a rush to sell this. Will you still be interested in a month or 2?

    Thank you again Michael. I really appreciate your time and knowledge.

  24. Avatar

    There is no time limit on my offer.
    The cognac trading is a hobby and I don’t hold on to the bottles for more than a few months.
    Yes, your bottle will go up in value over time if you take care of it. Must be stored upright, in the dark and at room temperature (Not laying down and not in a humid cellar like wine). Don’t break the glass fins and don’t let the box get banged up or sit in the sunlight because the box is a large part of the value. A dark closet in the house is the best place for it.

  25. Avatar

    Would it be possible to get contact information for Derek who apparently bought this bottle. I am not looking to buy it but I am researching the old Louis XIII bottles and need some information and a photo of the bottom of his bottle if he still has it. Thanks

  26. Avatar

    I may offer $2200 for this bottle.

    The owner also said: “… maybe you would have something we could trade that might help me more than just the $$. Just a thought”.

    What EXACTLY do you need as a trade?

  27. Avatar

    I have an unopened bottle of Louis XIII, sealed with all wrapping and seal intact. It is in a Red oval case 1964+. Thanks please email me offers.

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