If you’ve ever wondered how to be 100% certain that your bottle of cognac has never been opened, then you need worry no more.  Because Remy Martin, in collaboration with technology company, Selinko, have launched the first ever liquor bottle that features a smart chip that tells you just that.


Remy Martin Club Connected Cognac uses high security NFC technology in a capsule that can instantly tell anyone whether the bottle has been previously opened or that it’s still sealed.

So how does it work?  Well, by placing the chip in the cap of the bottle, it connects to a smart app on your smartphone.  Simply tapping the top of the bottle will provide you with information regarding the authenticity of the seal.  Once the bottle has been opened the chip will give this information.  It remains active even after opening.  It can also tell you if the bottle has been resealed, thus providing the user with guaranteed authenticity that the cognac within is genuine.


This is serious stuff!  And one that is sure to become the norm when it comes to high end cognacs and spirits.  The technology is second to none, using exactly the same specification as that found in passports and bank cards.

Remy Martin Executive Director, Augustin Depardon, says of the product, “Not only does the Remy Martin Connected Bottle guarantee the authenticity of the product, but it also allows us to communicate directly with our consumers who enjoy our products which is a very exciting innovation. Rewards, events, special offers: our communication can now be completely aligned with our clients’ preferences for optimal relevancy”.

Remy Martin Connected Cognac will be available first in clubs in China before a more widespread rollout.  At present the app works on the Android platform.

Sources: businesswire.com, venturebeat.com

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Remy Martin Club Connected Cognac: The first ever smart bottle

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    After Rémy Martin Club connected bottle, Selinko connects iconic Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles to a secure and personalized IOT universe using Intact© technology

    Selinko announces its collaboration with Diageo to commercialize the first interactive whiskey bottle: the Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

    Heading into the holiday season, Diageo strengthens its place in the luxury spirits industry by commercializing on the Thai market a limited edition of 500 Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle that have been equipped with NFC tags. A consumer scanning a bottle with the “Johnnie Walker Interactive APP” has access to an exclusive space of privileges: personalised VIP invitations, the possibility to send personalized digital post cards, luxury lifestyle content, recipes and much more.

    The Intact© solution combines Selinko’s ORM software platform, Inside Secure’s Vault IC 154 NFC Chip and patent pending capSeal opening detection technology, and Amcor smart capsules.

    For more information: http://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2015/12/johnnie-walker-smart-bottle-makes-thailand-debut/

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