Originally launched as simply Rémy Martin Diamant, this travel retailed cognac has undergone a makeover which includes both the name and the carafe.

Now it’s called Centaure de Diamant

Rémy Martin Centaure de Diamant is the newly launched, top of the range cognac that sits just below the much talked about Remy Martin Louis XIII in the ladder of the Remy travel retail range. The name ‘Centaure’ also lets us think about the recently released Remy Martin Centaure, especially for the Chinese market. The word ‘Centaure’ is obviously becoming more and more important  for the company.

Remy Martin centaure de diamant

With a recommended retail price of around $1000 per bottle, Rémy Martin Centaure de Diamant is a blend of some of the most prized vintage eaux-de-vies that grace the Remy Martin cellars.

Made only from cognacs from the Grande Champagne region, this is a blend of 300-400 of cognacs produced over the past one hundred or so years.

Of course, a cognac of this quality is duly presented in a stunning decanter.   A metal plaque graces the centre of the bottle, with the glass itself boasting bold, clean lines along with faceted areas that evoke thoughts of sparkling diamonds.

Rémy Martin Centaure de Diamant is part of the new Remy Martin ‘ Heart of Cognac’ advertising campaign being piloted this month at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

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Sources: Rémy Martin, and hey by the way: cognacfans.com covered the same topic.

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Rémy Martin Centaure de Diamant – The Travel Retail Makeover

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    John Chan

    I believe this product is blended with 90% eaux-de-vies from Grande Champagne, and 10% from Petite Champagne.

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