Remy Martin is showing its ultra-cool Remy Ice Boxx, on a tour around cities and bars in Mexico.

The Iceboxx shots are definitely aimed at younger drinkers and uses ice cold VSOP cognac – as shooters.

Remy Iceboxx machine

The Remy Ice Boxx, which has been around since 2008, is a snazzy little device which allows bartenders to serve VSOP cognac at a hedonistically cold -18 degrees centigrade which, according to Remy, gives the eaux-de-vie a slightly different and smoother taste experience.

Another effect of the cooling is that you can barely taste the alcohol… Barely taste the cognac probably?
But when you’re getting hot and sweaty in a night club – can you think of a better way bring down the heat?

This promotion is based on a Maxxium best practice project called “Frozen Serve”. Maxxium produced the hardware in Finland with a company called Barfix.

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Rémy Iceboxx Shooters Reduce Temperature in Mexico

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