+++ UPDATE JUNE 30th 2010 +++

Today, Remy Martin and T.I. officially announced together that the rapper would become the Global Creative Consultant of the brand. The “Global Creative Consultant”? Wow.. So he is consulting Remy Martin? In what? I rather think it’s a bunch of marketing agents consulting Remy and T.I. – anyway.

T.I. and brand manager xxlmag.com

Director of Marketing and Branded Entertainment, Remy Cointreau USA, Inc. said

“We are very pleased to partner with T.I. to build upon our successful ‘Things are Getting Interesting’ marketing campaign.”

The rapper will help with promotions, merchandising and digital media campaigns and T.I. added:

“I’ve been a fan of Remy Martin for many years so I’m honored to be working with them as creative consultant. And now after my trip to Cognac, I admire the brand’s genius even more. I’m excited about all the possibilities of this partnership,”

T.I. also teased on a an upcoming signature bottle of Rémy Martin. Let’s see how creative this joint venture can get!

Cognac Expert did a poll, stopped at 83 voters: 58% thought it was a bad idea and 42% thought it would do no harm to the brand of Rémy Martin.

Poll result

For more opinions of our readers see below.

+++ Original article +++

According to music media, Atlanta Rapper T.I., Clifford Joseph Harris, announced a deal with Remy Martin: He is the new US spokesman of the Cognac house.

T.I. album cover

Landy has Snoop Dogg, Conjure has Ludacris and So Yang has Chinese popstar Ayi Jihu. Courvoisier had Busta Rhymes and P. Diddy promoting their Cognac… and Rémy Martin now deals with T.I.?

The musician appeared during a show and revealed the news, apparently the official, global face for Remy Martin cognac, calling it “mind blowing”. The entertainer was actually about to promote his upocoming film TAKERS with stars such as Chris Brown and Idris Elba – and his album King Uncaged will be released mid August 2010.

Remy Martin: The tradition company

The Rapper also used to be the spokesman of  General Motors. It seems like he was approached by the yak brand which belongs to the four leading Cognac houses.

T.I. recently was released from prison – fullfilling the image of a HipHop gangster who now found realness in life. The rapper’s album tells about the brutal murder of one of his friends, Big Phil, on a tour bus in Cincinnati… Also T.I. is involved in a foundation for troubled children who live in poverty or crime.

See this video of T.I.’s song “Hell Of A Life” to get an impression what kind of brand Rémy Martin is actually counting on:

So the strategy consultants of the big cognac houses stay on that road. Apparently a brand like Rémy Martin does not want to miss the opportunity of getting a part of the US HipHop connection, like Birkedal-Hartmann did with Ludacris.

Cognac Expert will report how Rémy’s strategy looks like, how they’ll use the brand of T.I. to promote their own. Let’s see when we can get to see the first  official press release of Rémy Martin.

On our facebook fanpage there were several, different reactions to the news:

  • “WHAT??!!Why is Remy lowering it’s standards?”
  • “No, Remy is raising theirs… perhaps.”
  • “here in the united states the majority of cognac drinkers are blk are asn”
  • “Why would they pick this jerk off???”
  • “Are u suggesting that making a rapper the spokesman would lower their standards?”
  • “The other brands-Yes But Remy is different.”
  • “Off course making a rapper the spokesman will lower their standards!”
  • “Rappers = no class. Isnt he still in prison?”
  • “T.I. is a classy, articulate, well-spoken cat. He’ll represent the brand just fine. Besides, who do u think would make a better spokesperson?”
  • “It depends on how the marketing is done. He needs to have that GQ, not hood, appearance”
  • “Charlie Sheen has had multiple problems, but he’s been a spokesperson for Hanes despite it all. They seem to be doing fine. How is T.I. any different?”
  • “I’m saying..Not an younger person,,perhaps an older person who fits that brand..”
  • “So far, I’m getting the sense that everyone has a problem with a rapper as a Remy Martin spokesperson. While you’re entitled to your opinions, who do u think would make a better spokesperson? Drop names!”
  • “Did jay-z lower vodka sales? Nothin wrong with T.I. most don’t even know the story behind his bid.. bottom line is ” sales” and with all his fans he will surely bring sales to an all time high..”
  • “I really don’t believe it matters who the spokesperson is (people with questionable backgrounds executed) as long as they keep it classy. Anyone can market to High school or collage kids, but if you want to attract a responsible mature drinking customer, maybe MTV isn’t what you should be looking to.”
  • “vodka customers are a VERY different market from cognac customers. It’s like comparing a Ford to a Bentley.”
  • “I agree, he needs to come off with a totally premium look to match the premium product!!”
  • “Rapper…? Who would buy it – kids at 14-16?”
  • “I think its a good look for the brand and him. Courvoisier sales grew tremendously, after the release of Busta Rhymes ” pass the Courvoisier” record was released…”

If you are interested in following Rémy Martin on facebook: go for it.

Source: mog.com, allhiphop.com and theboombox.com

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Another HipHop spokesman for the US market: Rapper T.I. is new face of Rémy Martin

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